Giyo GS-41 Pump


300 psi removable gauge, foldable hose, 2-3 psi micro adjust bleeder, attached with presta adapter, non-scratch rubber sealing system, and double function for inflate suspension shock and tire.


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[Apr 24, 2012]
David C
All Mountain Rider


Good for shocks and tire pressure change. Removable gauge, presta adaptor and foldable handle.


The gauge can't be replace by a standard one due to the special quick connect. You have to buy another gauge with the exact same connection.

Got this pump for my air shocks and be able to change my tire pressure on the go. The pump has a leak-free valve, bleed port for 2-3 psi or continuous if you hold it. Rubber caps to seal the ports and valve and foldable handle that helps with grip.

The pump came with the presta adaptor, frame mount holder, a velcro strap and hardware for mounting. I used it for my air fork and rear air shock and I took about 5-8 minutes of pumping to fill a 26x2.4 MTB tire up to 50psi. The pump can handle up to 200 without problem, but it gets harder past that and you may fee like the handle shaft is gonna snap in half if you reef on it.

Frame mount works great and with removing the gauge it's easy to use on the trail. I just pack the gauge in a plastic bag in my back pack along with the tools. The gauge is very accurate on mine. You loose air when disconnecting the pump, but it's the air from the hose, not the shock/tire. Be careful when connecting to a shock/fork since the pump hose will fill up with air and since your shock air volume isn't much, you'll probably have a lower reading when you re-connect the pump than when you disconnect it previously.

For example I have a SID rear shock and positive air chamber pressure will drop by 10psi when I connect the pump due to the air going in the pump hose. The negative chamber which is even smaller will loose about 50psi. Just test it before to see how much pressure you drop to make sure you don't go sky high when re-pressurizing your shock. If you put 170psi, it will stay at 170psi when you disconnect the pump. When you re-connect the pump, it might read only 150psi, but it's not the valve loosing air, it's the pressure going into the pump hose, so be sure to re-pump up to 170psi or desire pressure before removing the pump.

Other than that, the pump works great and flawlessly. Better than carrying a shock pump and a tire pump. But it won't inflate your tire like a real floor pump. You'll be able to fix a flat on the trail without problem.

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