Nuun Mixed Fruit Tube Nutrition


As tasty as Nuun's Electrolyte Tablets are, it's always nice to be able to mix it up (pun intended). By that, we mean that we like to have a few flavors on hand to feel like we're sampling from a mixed species orchard. This Nuun Electrolyte Tablets Original Flavor Mixed 4 Pack contains their original four flavors -- and some of our favorites.Nuun's Electrolyte Tablets are designed to dissolve completely in one 16oz. bottle of water. This ratio gives an optimum hypotonic solution that's readily absorbed across the cell membrane to fight dehydration, but contains enough salts to restore and/or maintain the electrical function within the cells to combat hyponatremia. This is important for muscle cells, nerve cells, and red blood cells alike as they all perform vital functions when you exercise. Pure water is better than none at all, but without including salts as Nuun Tablets do, you can essentially leach the nutrients from the cells, impairing function. So for maximum performance, you must be properly hydrated, and Nuun's 700mg per liter sodium mix is exactly what you need when you're working hard.Nuun Electrolyte Tablets Original Flavor Mixed 4 Pack includes 4 tubes of 12 tablets each. There are four fruity flavors -- Lemon-Lime, Tri-Berry, Citrus Fruit, and Orange. One serving consists of one tablet dissolved in 16oz of water. There are less than 8 calories per serving as Nuun is formulated strictly for replacing the salts your body loses through sweating. Each serving contains 360mg of sodium, 100mg of Potassium, 12.5mg of calcium, and 25mg of magnesium. You'll also get 37.5mg of vitamin C and 500mcg of vitamin B2.

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