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Part of proper event preparation includes everything ingested on race day. Staying hydrated with enough calories ready to burn is essential to good performance. Many reach for the liquid turbo, the high test, the bitter bean, or even Coke straight up. First Endurance's PreRace replaces all those cross-purposed fluids with an athlete-specific formula that does more than serve as a caffeine delivery system.Caffeine, 200mg worth, is the basis for the powder. It is a building block upon which Western Civilization got its mojo, went aggressive and industrial. 200mg is approximately two cups of joe or two 20-ounce sodas. PreRace is also heavy on Taurine, to the tune of 3000mg. Taurine, a neuroinhibitory transmitter, is found in Red Bull, and has been shown to reduce muscle damage. Citrulline Malate, in PreRace to the tune of 500mg, has been shown to stimulate nitric oxide, remove toxins, and reduce lactic acid and ammonia.The result of all these ingredients is a seriously boosted caffeine. The caffeine is more than enough to be noticed by the body, and the other ingredients improve nutrient absorption and further focus, which ultimately means the body on PreRace is working faster with less effort and keeping going despite the adverse physical reactions that happen with a hard effort.PreRace is a powder that can be mixed into any existing energy drink and consumed 30-45 minutes before the event. Water isn't recommended because of the bitter taste of the ingredients, and because liquid calories will both help calm the stomach and encourage the finishing of the beverage.While most athletes will be more than topped off with a single serving before an event, ultra-distance athletes, like double-century riders and Ironmen might consider taking a second or third dose evenly spaced out over the course of the event.There are twenty 1.5-teaspoon servings in the 88g tub. A serving equals one scoop. It is recommended to start with a half-serving to make sure there are no adverse reactions to the mix.

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