Dumonde Original Chain Lube


As you ride, Dumonde Tech Original Bicycle Chain Lubricant forms a low-friction plastic plating which bonds to the chain and drivetrain components. This allows your parts to last longer and run quieter than what you'd get from any other lubricant. It comes in two concentrations. This Dumonde Tech Original is more viscous than the Lite, even though they have the same formulation. Not to worry if you normally use one or the other, the two Dumonde Tech Lube formulas are compatible and may be used interchangeably. Dumonde Tech Original is more concentrated than the Lite and excels in the most challenging conditions. We use it on our mountain bikes and for the road bike when the road and weather conditions promise to be poor. A coating of the thicker Original is more durable than the Lite, so it generally requires less frequent applications. To get the best results from Dumonde Tech Lubes, first degrease your chain and dry it thoroughly prior to the first application. This effectively primes the surface for the "plating" effect that makes the lube so successful. For the first application, we recommend putting one drop on each link to really aid the plating effect, wiping the excess from the chain after it has had time to work itself into the pins. When your chain begins to get noisy, it's time to reapply. Use soap and water to clean the chain prior to re-application -- strong solvents and degreasers will remove the protective plastic plating from the chain, putting you back at square one.This Dumonde Tech Original Bicycle Chain Lube comes in a 4oz bottle that should last for 40 or so applications.


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[Oct 23, 2012]
Cross Country Rider


Super long lasting, low odor, self-cleaning, easy to apply, minimal dust collection


Sometime difficult to find in stores/online, seems a bit more expensive than the competition

I can't comment on how well this lube works in the wet (I live in the desert) but for normal and especially dry/dust conditions this is the best lube by far I have ever used. I was a 10+ year user of ProLink and was hesitant to try anything else. The one big problem I always had with ProLink is that I had to clean and lube the chain after every ride. On longer 40+ mile rides in dusty conditions the lube wouldn't even last the whole ride before squeaking would set in.

On my most recent trip to Bend, OR in August (endless dust, sand, pumice) I decided to try Dumonde. Wow, what a difference. The lube is a bit thicker than ProLink which I believe is what allows it to last so much longer. I was actually able to ride two days in a row (maybe 80-90 miles avg) before I needed to lube. Also, the chain had way less dust boogers that needed to be brushed out between the plates than what I would get when using ProLink in the same conditions. Also, the smell is much less with Dumonde than ProLink which I appreciate since I do bike maintenance in my apartment.

I wasn't happy paying an inflated price of $9.00 for a 2oz bottle in Bend but I knew the ProLink didn't cut it the last 2 years I rode there so I was desperate to try something else. While the Dumonde is expensive, I had to use more than twice the amount of ProLink to go the same distance ... which requires more than twice the maintenance and about three times the mess to clean up. Anything that allows me to do less chain maintenance makes me happy.

I get the same results riding and living in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. With ProLink the chain would be squeaking by the end of each ride. The Dumonde allows me to go at least 2 rides between lubes with no noise.

I'm super stoked to use this lube. Now, if I can just find a cheaper source for my next bottle ...

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