Portland Design Works Radbot Tail Lights


What's better than an army of robots defending you during your nightly ride? How about an army of radbots, or in this case, an army of one Portland Design Works Radbot 100 Tail Light. Literally as bright as a car's tail light, the Radbot 1000 is your mechanized defense shield from the onslaught of diabolical traffic behind you. Rain or shine, Radbot is there for you. Portland Design Works' Radbot1000 Tail Light lives up to the image that its name conjures. Like a sentient, robotic protector from inattentive drivers, the Radbot 1000 has more bells and whistles than you knew you could have, but now that you have them, you can't let them go. At the heart of the system is 1.0 watt Japaenese Red LED and a built-in precision reflector. The reflector jams a death-ray sized beam of pure light out to the eyes of distracted drivers, and even better, it meets the EU standards of visibility (seen over 500 feet away). In fact, the system output is equal to the brake lights in modern production cars; meaning that you'll finally be seen as part of traffic. The Radbot is powered by two AAA batteries, and is housed in a water-resistant case.The Radbot 1000 features three strobe settings -- zZz pop, cornea blitz, and rock steady. We know that the names tell a visual story, but because they're so cool, we'll break them down for you. The zZz pop displays how it sounds. The output swells to a crescendo of light before going 'pop' into a dazzling array of strobing madness. Cornea Blitz acts as a complete attack of the senses. This setting is such a blitz to the periphery that it's nearly impossible to ride along undetected. Rounding out the settings, Rock Steady is just a fun way to say solid beam. Remarkably, the Radbot can blink for around 30 hours per battery cycle, and can go for around 15 hours on steady.For easy attachment, the light comes with mounts for your seatpost and seat stays. PDW also included a backpack clip if you think that your bike is too pretty for mounting hardware.The Portland Design Works Radbot 1000 Tail Light is available in a 36x40x82mm size. The light also includes two AAA batteries.

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