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Handy and gorgeous are - besides bright - probably most suitable to describe our Wilma TL. It is already more than convincing as a handlebar and helmet light, and now the flashlight version has set out to impress you. The test in our integrating sphere measured 1100 real lumen. But the Wilma flashlight has much more to offer than a lot of light packed into a handy, beautiful lamp. The Wilma TL features numerous options so that anyone may customize it to their individual requirements. And if we say programming, we don't mean studying. A simple laser-engraved programming scheme on the battery holder makes customizing the flashlight quick and easy at any time and in any place - without having to consult the manual again. The included holster always keeps your Wilma TL within easy reach. The innovative, intelligent magnetic latch system holds it safely in the holster until it is needed.


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[Nov 16, 2013]
Cross Country Rider


Small, programmable, well built and powerful.


A little pricy

I've had this light now for three years and it is despite my collection my favorite and most used flashlight. At a measured 1185 lumens which is more than advertised, it is bright and at the time of purchase the brightest four inch flashlight in the world.

Because of so many programming options I find I can use my TL for working under the sink at lower outputs which isn't blinding, or going full power while rescuing a cat at night from a tree,(true story)

Durability is the usual with Lupine's known built quality and as a matter of fact was tested the night I rescued the cat. After the dust settled and the owners left with their cat the temperatures plummeted to 13F overnight. The next morning while having coffee I noticed my Wilma TL sitting outside on the patio frozen up. Guess what,,,, I waited a couple of hours for it and battery to warm up, and it fired right up and is still working flawlessly today with the original battery.

All I can say is,, Great light, Very versatile, and as good of quality you will find anywhere in the world. And this thing is small.

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