Fizik Blink ICS Tail Lights

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Props to Fizik for curing one of cycling's perpetual annoyances. There's nothing worse than going for an early morning spin and having your thighs brush again and again and again against the tail light you've affixed to your seatpost. You've gotta ride with a tail light -- we feel safer riding with a tail light but no headlight than vice versa, in fact -- and Fizik makes it worlds more pleasant now. Starting in 2007 most of Fizik's best-selling saddles are integrated Clip System (ICS)-specific, which means they have a tiny plastic receptacle under the saddle shell. The Fizik Blink Tail Light has a male end that plugs right into this ICS opening. The Blink recesses under the shell and literally becomes one-in-the-same with the rear of your saddle. Your thighs won't graze it, and you won't have to wince at the sight of a chunky light wrapped in an anything-but-streamlined fashion off the back of your seatpost. Your legs (and your shorts) will be happier, and your bike will look worlds better.The Fizik Blink Tail Light has 2 bright LED's, and it works in your choice of a blinking or a constant mode. You can switch between these (and the off position) simply by pressing on the light itself. It uses one CR2032 battery, and you can swap the battery out without tools. Just so you know, the following saddles are ICS compatible provided that they are vintage 2007, not earlier: Aliante Carbon and Arione (no matter the rail type: braided carbon, Titanium, or k:ium), Arione Tri 2, Aliante Gamma, Pave HP, Vitesse Tri, Vitesse HP, Gobi, Nisene HP, Rondine, Nisene CP, Pave CP, Vitesse CP, and the Rondine CP. If you're unsure whether your saddle is ICS compatible, simply look for the ICS receptacle beneath the shell. Or feel free to contact us and we can help you make sure one way or another.


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[Aug 27, 2008]
Cross Country Rider


Fits ICS seat clips


Too expensive, flimsy, poor quality, worse than $5 lights I own.

A cheap toy, did not work right from the box, the light would not turn off. Seems to be made from flimsy plastic, would not stand up to any rough day to day use. The only reason it can command such a high price is the ICS clip feature, but that is one virtue among greater sins.

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