Cygolite Rover II Xtra LED FM Lights


  • New 3rd Generation High-Brightness LEDs
  • LED output equivalent of 25 halogen watts (255 Lumens)
  • Compact NiMH frame mount battery
  • Extra long 3.5 to 10 hour run time on bicycling settings
  • 6 total brightness / flashing settings
    o Brightness - Bicycling Mode: High - Low - Boost - Flash
    o Flashing - Special Mode: Walking - SOS
  • Battery low indicator integrated into the headlight
  • Cross-Fire™ design spreads the beams side-to-side for maximum ground coverage
  • Durable shockproof LEDs
  • Smart Rapid charger
  • Heavy-Duty Flip-Lock handlebar bracket fits oversized and standard sized handlebars


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    [Jun 07, 2010]
    Cross Country Rider


    Runtime per charge, light output for size, terrific value


    Handlebar mount

    (I'm calling myself a Cross Country Rider because that sounds like the best choice for me. I am, in fact, an urban commuter and utility cyclist.)

    This is the best headlight I've ever owned.

    Light output compares favorably to all but the most energy-hungry dual-beam halogens, and the dispersal pattern and color make most of it useful. That is to say, this light is more than bright enough for commuting, although it may not be quite enough for trail riding. I am sometimes mistaken for an oncoming motorcycle when riding after dark.

    The compact battery is a 4.8V NiMH model, prism-shaped with curves to fit neatly against tubing. It attaches easily to my handlebar stem with a wide Velcro strap, and there's plenty of cable to reach the lamp head, which is mounted on my Performance Space Bar. Runtime approaches 4 hours at maximum output, which exceeds CygoLite's claims. The system includes a smart charger, and recharging time from exhausted to full is about 3 hours.

    The mounting system needs improvement. The Velcro strap on the battery lacks a clip of any kind for holding the extra. The handlebar mount holds the lamp head mostly by friction, and also with a detente at the end of its travel. It's easy to fail to get the lamp all the way into the mount, in which case it quickly vibrates its way back out while you're riding, and it's difficult to remove the properly inserted lamp head when you want to take it with you.

    CygoLite is based in Santa Ana, CA, and builds this system in their United States factory, presumably from components sourced from here and abroad.

    All in all, the advantages outweigh the drawbacks, and it's a great lighting system for the money.

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