Sigma Sport PC 15.11 Heart Rate Monitor


Sigma PC 15.11 Heart Rate Monitor is a great training tool for anyone with a passion for sport and fitness. It is an individual trainer that allows you to control, plan, and evaluate your exercise sessions with total precision ? complete with Training Man


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[Apr 17, 2013]


Easy to use once it is set up. Instructions (available in print and on web) are very clear and easy to follow. Very informative. You can change the battery without sending it back to the manufacturer. Attractive. Price.


Pre-set maximum HR. Only provides 3 zones, 1 of which is programmable.

I bought this to train for races and it has helped tremendously with tailoring my efforts. I went for the unit that had the most features for approx $50, simple as that. Mine looks a little different from the model on this page. As far as a HRM goes, it is one of the more attractive ones I've seen. Some of them just look God-awful. It acts as a watch with time and date visible at all times. The training mode shows 3 lines of data: HR on top, laptime in the middle, and data of your choice on the bottom line (avg HR, max HR, % in zone, # calories, clock, total time, total calories or lap time). The chest strap is not coded, but I've never run into any problems getting an accurate reading even in a crowded gym.

This unit is a little more advanced than a beginner's unit, but now that I've used it for a little while and gotten accustomed to what I want it to do, I wish I could program all my training zones. My simple solution to this? I memorized my zones and spot-check the read-out depending on my exertion. And honestly, on a single speed, I spend much of my time in zones 4 and 5 anyway so my main concern is whether I'm aerobic or anaerobic. In other words, I don't necessarily have the luxury of dialing back my effort to stay in a certain zone; the terrain determines my effort. If I want to train within certain zones, I do that on a spin bike in the gym and it works fine there, too.

Either way, I like the data provided by the 15.11. Prior to buying this, I over-exerted myself. I would recommend this to anyone as a first HRM.

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