SRAM XX Matchmaker X Extras

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  • Material: Aluminum/Carbon
  • Compatible with XX shifters/brakes
  • Can attach XLoc from XX forks


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[Dec 03, 2010]
Cross Country Rider


Review is for regular matchmaker clamp. They are all basically the same.
A little lighter, but the reason to use it is to save space on the bar or to allow switching bars or other stuff (shifters) between bikes as you want, without running out of clamps or having to remove foamy grips etc.
Works with many Hayes brakes too. If it LOOKS like it MIGHT, it probably will.


Not free. Not made specifically for Hayes.
If you crash, you are more likely to end up without BOTH brake and shifter on one side. So, I have not put this on my park bike.

The matchmaker mount is a pos solution to a bunch of things.
1: It's a spare/replacement clamp if you break or lose part of an old one.
2: Saves a TINY amount of weight. IMO you would be insane to buy it for this reason alone, but weenies can be a little crazy when it comes to price/performance/value. Would also allow use of a shorter bar for more weight shaving.
3: It allows you to use light/permanent grips (like Ritchie WCS foamies) but change out bars and shifters quickly/easily without taking off the grips (and putting them back or having to cut them off and use a new set).
4: It saves space on the bar (esp if you also use SRAM pushlock remote etc) to make space for other crap like computers, GPS, lights, bells, whistles, or just to fit all your stuff on a narrow bar. Or allows a narrower bar for more weenieism. Also provides a cleaner look. But, again, that would not be the reason to buy it IMO.
5: Spare parts. You have a do-it all bike, and you like to ride it generally with a carbon bar, but you might take it to a resort and want a HD bar. But your shifter clamps are stuck on the old bar. The way to have done it would have been to put the matchmaker on the light bar, and put the original clamps on the HD DH bar w lock-on grips. That way, all your parts are accessible whenever you want and you have freedom to swap stuff about without running out of parts. Also, you have spares.

I saw some kid on a forum saying they did not understand the use of the Matchmaker as everyone said the Shimano brake-shifter combos are a bad idea and surely the Matchmaker is the same. WRONG. The Shimano stuff was considered a bad idea cos in a smash you had to replace your shifter and brake at considerable expense and PITA. The matchmaker does not have that problem. They are still separate units, so if one gets smashed up or fails, you can still replace just one or the other. So matchmaker gives you most of the benefits of combined units with none of the big downsides. The downside is that you have to buy it separately at additional cost.
Reasons to buy IMO this are to tidy up your bar or make/save space. Or to allow you to switch components between bikes. Or if you want a spare mount for the pack in case of a crash on long backcountry treks. Or to replace a lost or damaged existing clamp.
Works with Hayes HFX brakes (as well as Avid stuff) and I am about to test it w Strokers. It will work. If not, a couple of mins w the Dremel and/or file will solve the problem. ;)
Matchmaker allows me to use a different rise bar with different grips for different applications with real ease.
If I am going on the loooong steeeep mega-climb, then I put a lower ultralight bar and lightest grips. If it is all flow/fun, I use a stronger/heavier riser bar and sturdier grips. I took the spare set of orignal shifter-mounts this freed up to set up a 2nd set of quick-change bars for another rig too. If you have not tried for yourself and seen the difference an inch more or less rise can make to the limits of your climbing or descending ability, then you probably think I have gone crazy to bother to do any of this. But, if you have a trail bike that is perfect on flowy trails but sometimes wheelies on climbs, or of you have an XC rig that is a little too sketch on the steep trail, then just being able to swap between two sets of bars can solve your problems in either case. Esp if you also have a flip-flop stem that can be used either way up. Then you are talking up to 2" of bar-height variation and that is a world of difference to your ride. Any product that makes tweaking your weight distribution easy and therefore makes tweaking the performance envelope of the bike easy too, is potentially valuable to serious users.
Hope Matchmaker helps you tweak your own ride(s) to perfection for any trail.
Value 4* as it is >$20 for a tiny bit of alloy. But overall, it's a 5* idea with many more benefits than might be initially obvious.

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Have used Shimano all in one brake/shifters but it would be foolhardy to draw a comparison other than to point out the comparison is invalid. Matchmaker is a different kettle of fish.

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