Portland Design Works Sodapop Frame Mount Fenders Extras


Sure you could cut up, zip-tie, and epoxy a bunch of empty two-liters together to fashion a makeshift fender. But, unless you're delivering foodaboard a lead-sled, big-box store monstrosity then it's going to look a littleout of place on your beloved bicycle. Not mention, the effort and time involvedwould most likely exceed the cost of the Portland Design Works Sodapop FrameMount Fenders.Like those DYI fenders though, the Sodapop Fenders aremanufactured from post-consumer recycled beverage bottles. They're tough andinstall easily -- and they look great, too. The Sodapop Fenderscome in two widths to fit most city or mountain frames. If it's a mountain bike thatyou're looking to add weather protection to, you'll need a fork with a hole inthe crown.

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