CycleOps Joule 2.0 Computer


CycleOps has gone a completely new direction with their Joule line. It's a computer made for the power age and is made possible thanks to ANT+. The first big thing is the Joule is not married to a PowerTap hub. The Joule 2.0 can display six categories of the 12 it has available to display. Each category has three metrics within the category. They are as follows. Power in watts and w/kg and can tell you current, average, and max. Power zone, average power zone, and max power zone. Peak power for 5sec, 5m, and 20m. WKO+ metrics: training stress score, normalized power, and intensity factor. Work measured in kilojoules, kilojoules per hour and calories. Cadence measures of current, average, and max. Heart rate measures of current, average, and max. Speed: current, average, and max. Climbing: current grade, current altitude, and total ascent. VAM: vertical ascent, current altitude, total ascent. Ride: time, distance, time of day. There are four modes or windows that can be accessed on the Joule 2.0: Menu, Dashboard mode (current ride data), reports mode, and activities mode. Activities mode can show intervals and scripted workouts.

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