Yakima Quick Back 3 Bike Rack


The narrow arms on the Yakima Quick Back 3 Bike Rack fit a wide variety of bikes and easily fold down when you go bike-less and don't have time to take the rack off. The SwitchBlade anti-sway cradle mechanisms prevent the three bikes from knocking into each other and the knob makes it easy to adjust arm angles. Tri-padded feet plus coated, padded metal buckles protect your vehicle's paint while six labeled straps let you know when the rack is in place on your trunk. *Includes glass hatch hooks f


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[Jun 18, 2012]
D Larner


Easy to install


poor fit guide
narrow foot print

The rack was purchased for use on a Honda CRV which the fit guide said would work, it really doesn't. There is a strap which runs from the side of the trunk, through the rack then to the bottom of the trunk, decent and simple design. The Honda CRV hatch is smooth all along the bottom where the bottom hook goes. Consequently the hook slips off after a small amount of driving.
Additionally, there is no placement guide for the SUV. I placed the rack so the bottom feet were not on my license plate doing damage, seemed to make sense. That worked well until I had driven about 20 miles and my exhaust melted the front tire of the first bike, no warnings existed and I didn't even think it was a possibility since there was > 1 foot of clearance from the tire to the exhaust end.
We also noticed that something with the anti-sway was not working correctly and has allowed the front shock of each bike to wear into the frame of the other bike. This was disappointing since one bike is a month old and the other is an hour older than the rack. I am not sure what the cause was, a culprit could be that when the bottom straps came loose the rack would move a lot, which is how I noticed the issue.
This rack was properly installed, in addition to being an engineer and fully capable of reading directions, when the rack was first installed a representative from the store where the rack was purchases helped install it.

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