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If you're rocking the Sci'Con Phantom Roller 2 saddlebag , you're either a master of packing, or are only toting a credit card and a phone. We're betting on the former since not too many thoughtful folks are keen on being many miles from home with no option for tire repair.Sci'Con is an Italian company; it's only fitting that they make a sleek, minimal bag that you can cram everything into. Part of their trick in making this possible is their new Roller 2 mounting system. If you recall the original Roller System (now Roller 1), you start with a plastic cleat that secures to your seat rails with the twist of a knob. Then you install the bag by matching the cleat with the opening in the binding mount. And give it a 1/4 turn. The Roller 2 takes that same idea and adds two tire levers to the design. There's one mount for a tire lever outside the bag, and a mount for a tire lever inside the bag. To make sure the lever slots work, Sci'Con includes the levers. Building the two levers into the design frees up space in the bag, so you can fit more stuff in it.The bag itself has a mix of materials. The side panels are carbon fiber weave. The main panel is Cordura. Reflective piping runs along the seam between the carbon fiber and Cordura panels; reflective is good. The zipper runs three quarters of the way around the bag, giving you easy access to everything inside. The interior of the bag is open, a single cavity, with a Velcro strap for compressing or separating items inside the bag. It's a great way to keep a tube secure while you work in a boot, a few Allen keys, and a sticker-style patch kit around it.The Sci'Con Phantom Roller 2 saddlebag comes in Black Cordura with Black carbon-fiber panels. The bag measures 7x5.5x12cm and has a volume of 230 cubic centimeters (14.354 cubic inches).


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[Apr 08, 2009]





This saddlebag is advertised as weighing something like 52g... sure, it does, but the attachment plate necessary to hold the thing on weighs another 22g! So weight-weenies be aware of this bit of false advertising!
Also, the opening at the end makes it very difficult to stuff tubes in - a much better design are those that unzip all the way around so you can fit it in properly before zipping it up.

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