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One of our favorite races is the Tour de Louisiane. Even though all three stages of the race are in Covington -- a half-hour drive across the Causeway bridge from New Orleans, we prove our lack of self-control by booking our hotel rooms every year in the French Quarter. We're supposed to be racing, of course. But when facing the task of 6 or 7 straight meals in New Orleans, well, fighting for a top-10 spot in GC seems a whole lot less pressing.Racing in southern Louisiana in late June presents an interesting variety of problems. Coming up with a way to consume about 700 bottles of water during the scorching Saturday afternoon road race is one of them. But even more confounding is figuring out a way to drive clean across the Arkansas delta, the Mississippi delta, then the entire length of Louisana without ending up with a cartop full of bikes covered head-to-toe in a creamy puree of mosquitoes and their freaky cajun insect ilk.The Sci'Con Defender Lycra Bike Bra protects every frontal inch of your bike from, um, unsavory airborne encounters. You can install it in less than 10 seconds. And once you're done with your road trip you can hose it down and it's good as new for the next weekend. The Defender will fit any size 700c road bike. The time you save not having to exfoliate your bike will pay for it a hundred times over.

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