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Thursday night ride guys.

Thursday night ride guys.

Saddly I am the only one on a 29er![Jon T]

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Below are the comments from the page (THE Finest in mountain biking cuisine):

Squeal like a pig
We need a group photo like this:

Yves & Ted...separated at birth? What do you think? Looks like he's getting ready to give jon t (the pizarro john e) a dirty sanchez.

RE: Sqeal like a pig
Looks like Mark has the homegrown.
NZ James gets style points for the Cannondale jersey.
Nates got a brown nose and Eugene (Ted) needs to be
somewhere else.

RE: Squeal like a pig

Mark DEFINITELY has the homegrown.

Why didn't they give the Jack Russel aTerrier a name?

RE: Squeal like a pig
Funny Pic....David M looks like Mike S just put his thumb up his butt. Yves is not nearly as handsome as I am =) Eugene looks like Scott on brownies.

NZ james=pete

RE: Squeal like a pig
If we do a picture like that, someone has to wear the Richard Sacks outfit.

RE: RE: RE: Squeal like a pig
Karl looks like he's ready to drop a "Hot Karl" on Mark. Are those guys French or somethign? If so, imagine the stank!

I think I'll post our comments on mtbr.....

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