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Ben Bostrom Races Solo 24 Hours of Moab

Ben Bostrom Races Solo 24 Hours of Moab

Granny waves the flag for motorcycle GP racer Ben Bostrom, who raced the 24 Hours of Moab, solo. His brother Eric also raced on a 5 man team. It's always cool to see moto guys participating in mountain bike events. And the Bostrom brothers really looked like they were having fun.

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B did really well for his first solo 24hour. He took 4th overall and was a contender to take 2nd or third but a few light failures kept him back. 239 miles is amazing. This was his third bike race ever. He won the 8 hour solo at Hurkey Creek a few weeks ago and won last year on the 5man team at Moab. Bennny is a strong competitor. He was in a position to take third til somehow Tinker had his 3:11:02 lap split into two separate laps therefor giving him too much lead. But Ben did stop to help and injured rider out on the trail , and according to the rules if you help a rider they will give you an extra lap, but Ben likes to win fair. so he didn't make the claim. Eric did fantastic as well turning in the fastest lap on his team with a 1:07 and continued to do well in his first ever bike race. HE led his team to the number one position in the 5-person co-ed with three riders including his female rider who had never raced a bike nor had they ever ridden a mountain bike at night. Only Tom and Anthony have ever race or ridden at night. The team had a two lap lead to win. Ben Speis also raced with us and did well til the 27degree weather kept him in his Bus. All in all the AMA was well represented with Brandon Currie and his bros doing really well too. :thumbsup:

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