Goodbye Cycle - Bikeshops, Granbury, Texas

Goodbye Cycle - Bikeshops, Granbury, Texas


Specializing in high end used bikes. We buy them and sell them nationally! Call for details.


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[Aug 12, 2012]
Cross Country Rider

So, I think I am tracking on most of the details here. They are a business, and must make money to stay in business. Everyone needs to make a living, and every dollar you have or get came from someone else. They have overhead. A shop with employees/partners, taxes, a BIKE magazine ad, and a web designer to pay. Lets not forget about the 10% eBay/paypal fees, since that is where they sell most of their items that they buy. So, with all of these expenses, their profit margin on every bike purchase must be significant. I would guess that this margin must be at least $800+. They specify that they are only interested in ,“gently used, high end bicycles”, and more specially, xtr, x0, xx components. They also mention that the components must be the current model, or in mint condition. To sum it up, they are cherry picking. Everybody dreams of scoring a great deal on a high end bike, but I have never seen it as a business. They are discouraging people from selling their items on eBay or Craigslist, so they can buy them and resell them on ebay . Check them out on eBay, they are stripping bikes and selling them as parts at HIGH USED PRICES. These guys even sell their shifters/brake levers separately so they can raise the prices.
So, why do I care? They are raising the prices of used bike equipment. This business is taking reasonable eBay/Craigslist deals away from you and I, and reselling them at much higher prices. I buy all my bike gear off eBay and Craigslist, and don’t like what is happening here. Selfish of me, yes, but I also have a lot of friends that do the same. So, that is my take on the “who, what , when and where” portion.
I just cant grasp the why. Why do people sell their “gently used high end xtr/xx/x0 bikes” to these guys? Their claim to fame is that it is easier than Craigslist and eBay. If you are listing a detailed description, with pictures (not required by any, but highly recommended), and are responsible for the packing and shipping of the bike, how is it easier than eBay? They mention a Dr. from Oklahoma bringing them “4 pimped out ti bikes” on their website. Maybe it made sense to him. Maybe they should advertise in M.D. Monthly. Im not a Dr. from Oklahoma, and I cant afford to get $1,000 less than I should on the bike that I need to sell.
So, what would I suggest? Sell you bike on Craigslist if you are looking for fast cash with the least amount of work. Its free and easy to list. If you list your, “gently used, high end bicycles” on Craigslist with a detailed description and pictures for $1,000 less than it is would sell for on ebay, someone will come and give you cash for it within the hour. If you want to get the best $ for your bike then list it on eBay yourself. If you have a detailed description and pictures, you will get MUCH MORE THAN THEY WILL PAY with a no reserve auction. If you want to spend 2 more minutes, and are apprehensive, check similar items/completed listings and do a buy it now, or reserve. If you are in a hurry to get cash, drop the price a few hundred bucks and require immediate payment. IT WILL SELL FAST!
And, if you love your bike, you can get that warm fuzzy feeling knowing that it is going to someone that will ride it instead of going to some chop shop in Texas. Take a look at these guys in their Bike Mag add…

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