Authorized Bicycle Shop - Bikeshops, Vallejo, California

Authorized Bicycle Shop - Bikeshops, Vallejo, California


From cycling professionals to Sunday afternoon riders, here at Authorized Bicycle Shop we cater to cyclists of all experience levels. Our friendly, professional staff will put you at ease as you browse the shop and pick out the cycling equipment you have always wanted.We are now in our 43rd year, same location, and we will continue to be here for you!


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[Mar 05, 2010]
B Cleveland
Cross Country Rider

this place is a joke. I went in to get a 29inch tube and not only did they not have it, they tried to tell me that my 29er was a passing trend. the employees opinion would have been valid if he had ever ridden a 29er, but he was obviously passing on the opinion of the owner. The reason I say this is that there isnt a bike shop employee out there who dosent want to be abreast or invovled in the latest cycling trend. This is the same mentality that laughed at suspension in the early 90's and poo-pood the threadless headset.

If you own a shop you have a duty to proliferate cycling, no matter what discipline. The owner of Authorized is failing in this duty.

Customer Service

The only way to get profesional service at this shop is to cultivate a relationship with the owner, even then I wouldnt hold my breath.

If you ride a road bike that hasnt been updated in 30 years, this is your shop.

If you have picked up an issue of dirt rag in the last 5 years, dont bother going into this shop you are already better informed and more in touch with our community than Authorized will ever be.

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I cant wait for this guy to sell or get out of the business.
authorized has taken all the fun out of visiting my local bike shop.

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