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DESCRIPTION is an online bike-part etailer run by the same people as from the same office.


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[Aug 27, 2010]
Cross Country Rider is run by the same people as
For online orders, you get the same level of service. Non existant.
If you are lucky they might have half of what you ordered and ship it within two months. If you are v lucky they might even let you know at some point that they don't have what you ordered. But don't count on it.
Do not count in getting through to cust service on the phone either cos it's always engaged and there is no message system. If you get around the phone system and talk directly to the head of customer service Beau Sisemore or the owner Clay Akey, then expect no explanation, likely some excuses for not being able to do anything right now, perhaps a suggesting that there will be a fee for cancelling your order.
You get the picture.

Customer Service

The worst - well equal worst w cos it's the same people.

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If you need a rare part that you can't get anywhere else and are prepared to wait a long time, then there is a slim chance these guys might be of use. In my experience it is more likely that after a long wait you will find that they cannot get the part at all. You will probably only find that out by calling them and then getting around the pathetic phone system that seems designed to stop you speaking to anyone. One line that's permanently engaged. No message system. No clues on who to speak to.
Name-dial Beau first, then Clay when Beau tells you he can't help.
My advice, just find your part somwhere else and save yourself some time.
When they feed you the lines about not being the same as Cambria, point out the addresses and then call Cambria and notice the same people on the phone!
When they get defensive about being unable to either provide the goods or resolve the issue, just tell them that if they had the goods and/or if they kept you informed, and/or if they answered the phone, or if the first thing they did wasn't to look for excuses, and if they had a way to deal with your enquiry right now (as they should) then perhaps you would be more impressed. 1* is too much.

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