Aerohead Cycles - Bikeshops, Bishop, California

Aerohead Cycles - Bikeshops, Bishop, California


Aerohead Cycles is a year round, bikes only bike shop, located between the Sierra Nevada and White Mountains of the Eastern Sierra in Bishop California. We offer bicycle sales, service, and ride information. The owners, Brian, Brian, and Scott, have been road riding and mountain biking in eastern California since 1984.


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[Oct 23, 2013]
Cross Country Rider

Shop carries a limited selection of mid to low end bikes from Giant and Surly. They also have a couple of Indy Fab frames hanging on the wall, I guess you can custom order one of those?

They have a good selection of inner tubes and tires at typical bike shop prices. They also sell clothing and other accessories of brands I've never heard of despite being an avid cyclist for 20+ years.

Customer Service

The employees all seem to be road bikers, but they definitely have opinions about mountain biking which they will certainly tell at you, no discussion of course.

The customer service is mediocre at best, they may acknowledge your presence if they look up from the computer. If you have a question about a product they will be nice enough to read whatever is on the packaging.

Similar Products Used:

With enough fore thought you will hopefully never have to go to this shop, but if you don't have extra tubes or cables stashed in your garage then you can go here and pay the convenience fee of having a "real bike shop" in bishop.

Overall I would say this shop is average, which compared to other retail stores means it sucks. But compared to the typical bike shop, their know-it-all attitude and disdain towards customers is quite typical.

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