Pima Street Bicycles - Bikeshops, Tucson, Arizona

Pima Street Bicycles - Bikeshops, Tucson, Arizona


Small bike shop on East side of Tucson owned and operated by a couple.
Have been in business for 37 years, 12 years on Pima Street. They started in 1974 in Camden Maine.
Full Service. Emphasis is service, not selling bikes. Can order bikes.


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[May 20, 2011]
Weekend Warrior

A neat and well organized small shop that is focused on bike service. Run by a couple that has been in the business since 1974, 12 years in Tucson on Pima Street.

Customer Service

Description Of Work:
I have a 29er bicycle and had broken one spoke and bent another when a stick popped up and stuck in my rear wheel spokes while riding on Mount Lemon near Tucson. I took the damaged wheel to Pima Street Bicycles and dropped it off. The owner was very friendly and helpful. He stated that I could pick it up the next day and that he would call me to let me know when it was ready. I received the call around 1pm the next day and dropped by to pick up the wheel after work. The work was excellent. I had some other questions about chain lubricant for a mountain bike that he answered and I decided to purchase his recommendation. I also needed two 29er inner-tubes with a Schrader type valve. I have checked at three different bike shops in Tucson but could not find them, apparently Presta valves are more common and available for 29ers. However, this shop had tubes with Schrader valves in stock and I purchased two of them.

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The owners have owned a bike shop since 1974, 12 years of that time here in Tucson. Experience counts in my book and it showed in the excellent / quick repair on my wheel and taking the time to talk to me about other questions. The shop and maintenance area looked orderly. I plan to use this shop from now on as the price was fair (39.00 includes the spoke fix, two tubes and the chain lubricant), the service excellent and the turn around time for the fix fast.

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