58 Degrees North - Bikeshops, Kodiak, Alaska

58 Degrees North - Bikeshops, Kodiak, Alaska


58 Degrees North is a outdoor shop in Kodiak, AK specializing in bicycles and repairs, kayaks, skateboards and snowboards. It was established in 1989. They have rental bikes and will get you out riding the island in no time. They have a good selection of specialized and high end bikes with all the accessories. Friendly atmosphere and helpful service.


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[Jan 30, 2013]

This shop is rermarkably awesome. It was recently purchased by a young local who has tons of riding and racing experience as well as tons of shop experience. They can handle pretty much any repair under the sun. 58 Degrees North is one of the only authorized Fox Racing Shox repair centers in Alaska and they build amazing custom wheels with fantastic guarantees on workmanship. The only thing they won't do is frame welding and or painting. Though they will refer you to someone down the street who will do those things! It's a small shop and they don't cater to everyone, they cater to Kodiak locals. You won't find the cheapest gadgets or all the bells and whistles, what you will find is what works in Kodiak from those who have tested and tried the extreme weather conditions and changes that are typical for the region. You'll definitely find what you need for the local trails as well as the correct advice on where to ride and when.

Customer Service

Jeremiah, the owner, is a super friendly guy willing to go out of his way to help anyone. He is always taking the time to explain the trail conditions and which trails are best for which skill levels. All of the coolest local riders can usually be found hanging out here having coffee or beer too and many of them are part-time shop employees who are incredibly knowledgeable in their own right. My favorite part of this shop is the lack of B.S. There are no salesmen here, no one is trying to sell you something just because it's what they have in stock. I've seen them refuse sales and offer a discount and a quick turn around on a special order just to make sure someone gets the right size or product for their need. Which is a lot of effort coming from a little shop on an island in the gulf of Alaska. Definitely one of the most "core" bike shops I have ever visited.

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Don't forget to play with the cutest shop dog ever, Nuka. Oh and a growler from the local brewery will almost always earn you a discount!

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