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The Sweepstakes:

So what are the odds of winning?  Actually pretty good.  WickWerks is giving away one set of rings each week in June.  A drawing will be held each Friday - to start your weekend off right, and give you time to put them on before your next big ride!

Weekly winners will receive the chainring set of their choice -- pick from any of our available sets.  Browse the possibilities at WickWerks.com.

The Chainrings:

Why do WickWerks chainrings shift faster?  More reliably?  And shift when others can't?

WickWerks patented technology has many large ramps around the inside face of the ring (see image above).  Typical chainrings have two chances for a shift with each rotation (4 pins configured for 2 chances).  WickWerks advanced design gives many opportunities (without worry for "inside" or "outside" links) allowing immediate shift response.

The long ramp is also part of the magic, because they can lift multiple chain links at once - instead of catching an edge with a pin like traditional chainrings.  This lifting technique puts less stress on the chain, and increases stability of the shift all at the same time.

For more detail, visit the WickWerks technology page.  To learn how to maximize shift performance, see the WickWerks support site.

How to Win:

To WIN the chainrings, you must enter below.  Four (4) lucky winners, one each week, will receive a FREE set of rings.  Your chances to win are greater if you sign-up early, since all entries are eligible from the time of entry until the contest is over.

Good Luck!  WickWerks Logo

-Contest Ended- (contest runs June 1 - 28, 2013)    |     -Official Rules-
(You must be a US or Canadian Resident 18 years or older. One entry per person.)

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