Oakton End of Difficult Run - TRAIL

Oakton End of Difficult Run - Trail, Oakton, VA, Virginia

There have been plenty of riders that have commented on the Lawyers Road to Great Falls end of Difficult Run, but not many who know the Oakton to Lawyers Road Portion. This part of the trail is 7.5 miles from the Oak Mar Rec Center to Lawyers Road. Trail begins just south of Oak Mar on Jermantown road as a paved path, but quickly turns left into some single track that runs behind the Oak Mar golf course (FORE!). Part of the trail here is over grown, but you can manage I am sure. After you leave the golf course, it''s single track city, a gradual up hill followed by a medium speed decent with tight turns and log hops as you make your way to the first street crossing at Millers Heights Road. As you exit the trail, take a right on Millers Heights and follow for about a 1/4 mile to the trail entrance on your left. The entrance drops down and them makes a sharp left as you enter single track heaven. If you want to follow the trail, look for the CCT signs, but there are tons of trails that shoot off in this stretch and explore them all. (Note: Some parts of the trail are paved) A few trails run very close to the waters edge, and if you aren''t careful, you may take a 2-3 foot fall into the creek. This part of the trail, Millers Heights to Vale Road is about 3 miles in length if you stick to the trail as marked, and ends at the paved path along Vale Road. Take a left on the paved path, and follow till it crosses Vale road. Right across Vale is a horse farm, and the trail picks up just to your left as you cross Vale and runs all they way to Lawyers Road. The first part of this trail has some serious tree roots to contend with. Soon after you finish the roots and the single track, the trail opens into some fields behind house and horse farms. Stay straight, go over a closed paved street and you''ll continue into more single track all the way to Lawyers road. You find two good climbs, a bunch of technical stuff, at least one decent drop off, 3 water crossings (one of which can be up the hubs deep) and overall excellent riding. This portion in about 2 1/2 miles based on my cyclometer reading. When you get to Lawyers Road, you can continue across to the Lawyers to Great Falls portion of Difficult Run, or turn around and complete your 15 mile journey into some of the best riding you''ll find in Northern VA. Best of all, it''s never crowded (although maybe it will be now) like Wakefield or Fountainhead. For a trail map see:http://www.co.fairfax.va.us/parks/cctmap-difficultrunsv.htm




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