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Deadman's - Trail, Moab, Utah

This is another one to avoid if you like the classic fun of Porcupine and Amasa. Deadman's is part of a new section of single track being built in the Bar M area and we all thought it was painfully boring. It's new so it was very sandy when I rode it, that will improve with time. This trail is much better than Lazy/EZ, which is curvy simply for the sake of adding distance and doesn't have flow. Deadman's at least has some rock to climb over and around and descend on. The new ST in this area is really curvy which seems to rob the flow as you'll just get going then BAM, a super sharp turn with sand at the base of it. If you're looking for berms, there really aren't any despite what locals say. If you're looking for ledges, go elsewhere. If you're looking for simple riding close to town and a place to take the fam and are willing to walk some of the harder sections or have kids with good handling skills, this might be the place.

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Fischman   Weekend Warrior [Jul 07, 2011]

I love Porcupine, but that doesn't mean I have a reason to avoid this trail. In fact, I'm likely to head back on future Moab runs. This trail has a fun bunch of variety packed into a compact area. Personally, I think this trail also has great flow. Sure, some of the abrupt turns and step ups make you slow down, but that doesn't mean they rob you of flow--it's just a different kind of flow, and a mighty fine one at that. The flow is much more like Moore Fun in Fruita, but without the dismounts required for mortal tachnical riders. The techy bits are tough enough to be fun and entertaining for a good rider, but not to difficult as to dissuade an intermediate. As I flowed in and out of a bunch of different obstacles, I was continually entertained. Maybe the appeal will diminish somewhat after repeated ridings once the obstacles are no longer the sort of sneak-up-on-you surprises that keep me on my toes. The only real drawback I found is the need to ride less interesting trails to get do Deadman's. This trail is a great addition to the Moab repertoire and well worth a stop for anybody seeking something new in the area.

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Head south on EZ, which terminates at the start of Deadman's. Once you reach the end of Deadman's, you can extend your mileage by adding loops on any combination of the "Brands" trails or simply head back on Deadman's to enjoy the techy fun in the opposite direction.

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