Green Hill Park - Trail, Worcester, Massachusetts

Green Hill Park - Trail, Worcester, Massachusetts


Rocky Singletrack, stonewall crossings, log-rollers, switchbacks and streambeds. Some Urban riding.


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[Jul 23, 2002]
Chris Mac

Green Hill Park is probably Worcester's largest city park and there lies considerable forest land. Bordered by UMass-Medical Center to the east, Rte. 9 and Worcester State Hospital to the south Lincoln street on the backside. A parkway runs through the park's heart and separates the park into three distinct areas. For Maximun distance and excitement begin at the top of Bell Hill. Trailhead starts on left side of Skyline Dr. Look for blue blazes on trees. Follow this road/streambed uphill to the water tower. Ride out to soccer field and follow left perimeter of the field. At midfiels is a quick dropoff that runs out to a fireroad. There are dirt ramps and jumps parallel to fireroad for a diversion and singletrack descent between Stanton and Rodney street fireroads. Proceed from Rodney street back into park behind Vietnam memorial for more singletrak. Short trail access back and forth through park. hit the logroller and wind uphill behind the zoo. (!!Watch out for wandering wierdos in woods) Lead yourself back up to skyline drive behind Armory. Cross Skyline Dr. and head for "Yellow Trail" (Yellow blazes) which is a rocky winder that deadends at the "Blue Trail". Turn left on the blue trail and bear right at the upcoming fork to continue your descent. The Blue trail splashes through a stream and back up through a 30-foot rock-slab. Follow Blue Trail past twin water towers and along cliff. A short climb will get you some more elevation for the long descent to the bottom.
Either follow blue trail along the golf course and out to the end of the fire-road (Sanitarium Rd.) or turn onto Red Trai for a more challenging descent. The red Trail drops off back-to-back rock ledges almost immediately. The First one isn't too difficult but the ground comes up at you quick if you're not ready. The Second step follows a short burts through some overgrown singletrak. The second drop is very rocky and loose and changes frequently. The red trail runs out through more overgrown bush and to a fork between the Blue trail and the lower yellow trail. Follw yellow ot to the fire-road and hang a left. The road ends a grassy field rthat you must cross to find more singletrack. A path lead across the grass to an opening in the woods through a tight stone wall (lower blue Trail). Lower blue descends quickly over a logroller, through some mud and rocks and eventually to a steep splashdown. At the end of the steep dropoff is an intersection between Lower Blue and Lower Red. TRhe Lower red trail is called the viscious sircle. To access climb straight up and follow through back-to-back switchback and a dropoff to Coalmine Brook Continue back up on red trail back to intersection. Resume riding lower blue downhill across a stream and a wall and out to Notre Dame. There is more riding above Notre Dame cemetary which includes a rigorous climb and a fast downhill back home, but the area below Bryn Mawr Ave is some what polluted because the residents there don't take care of their neighborhood forest lands.
Return back in the way you came for more riding. It is a difficult climb back uphill, (but if you live at the top of the hill like me you have to) and you will be rewarded for doing so. Go back up the lower blue trail, through the field and onto the fireroad where you were earlier. Sanitarium road is a good ride itself, with great views of the gothic Worc St. Hospital, Lake Quinsigamond and surouunding shrewsbury. For a more challenging route take a left onto lower yellow trail. Lower Yellow starts with a bangs and ends shortly after at Ronnie's Ridge. A three-pronged route falls down a steep cliff down to UMass-Biotech and another fireroad. Ronnie's ridge is newly cut and untamed. The my first run down (the left gully) resulted in a major superman. Either take the left gully, go the straight route that has a double fall line leaning right, or look for the high road, which has yet to be taken top to bottom on two wheels. Ride fireroad to Worc State. Diversions for Urban riding abound the grounds of hospital. Numerous stairs, stonewalls, and rock jumps. Re-enter woods through singletrack behind Hospital and climb back uphill to the twin towers. re-trace route to skyline drive toe soccer field and take one last downhill ride out to Belmont Street. Pick up trash and go home.

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