mineral hill - Trail, Easthampton,Leeds, Massachusetts

mineral hill - Trail, Easthampton,Leeds, Massachusetts


sweet downhills and very fast


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[Jul 17, 1999]
Josh Pelland

When you are coming from the Easthampton side, you start with a decent sized climb but its not that bad. The climb is pretty rocky and the trail is wide enough for a snowmobile or ATV but not rutted out.

After that climb is the best part, its a downhill which is 3 times as long as the climb, really windy and rocky, and there are a few smaller drops and things to make the downhill fun. Some of the switchbacks are tight and its fun to test your handling. However there are a few branches that really can't be avioded unless you slow down alot (but that would kill the run)!

I think the trails are pretty good in there, but I remember I was getting devoured by deer flys (probably just deer fly season) and we got lost and ended up at a dead end and had to backtrack alot, but other then that it was cool. Joey endo'd and did a superman which was the highlight of that ride.

I'll give it 4 spontanously combusted turds because the trails are really nice and pretty long, and it seems like they are meant for biking almost. However I've been on some better trails (see "The Ice House", and "The Power Lines"...)

Customer Service

I dunno, Joey (who submitted this trail and I rode the trail with) knows how to get here. If you're coming from Leeds you can just follow the really anal guy who likes to ride with no seat and he will yell at you when you get to the entrance of the trail.

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