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Westlake Trails - Trail, Middletown, Connecticut

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Blue Sugar   Cross Country Rider [Apr 25, 2011]

This is a decent little network of suburban ghetto trails and is worth riding if you live in the area. The trails are located between I-91 and the apartment communities on Westlake Drive. There are old ATV and dirt bike trails that have been there forever, and newer trails are continually being built as well. It looks like more than one person is doing the building because different techniques are being used. One guy just goes in the woods with a leaf blower, and another guy is being a lot more careful and using advanced trail building techniques like benching and rock armoring. There are log features here and there, and even a pretty radical freeride type wooden ramp feature hidden in the woods. You will see abandoned cars, appliances, and some shady (but probably harmless) characters along the way. You'll also see a lot of wildlife: birds, turtles, beavers, and deer. Most of the trails take a while to dry out, so it's not the best place to ride after heavy rain. If you live in the Westlake or Riverbend area and you're looking for a quick ride with no driving involved, you should check these trails out.

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The trails can be accessed off of the paved bike path, or from the Hunter's Crossing access road. Theres a trail that runs up along Westlake Drive, blazed burnt orange, and continues up to behind the green buildings. Take a right at the old Gremlin and follow the trail to the highway fence. Look left and you will see a well-defined trail that runs along the fence up behind the white buildings. There are some more trails that snake through the woods up here. There's also a trail that runs along the highway fence back to the paved path, but its under water most of the time. You can also go in on the woods road across from the Hunter's Crossing mail boxes. There's a little log skills area just to the left, and a trail further up on the right that goes through a wet area. And don't miss the old boardwalk across thepnd, but ride it at your own risk since it's beginning to rot.

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