Hundred Acres Trail - Trail, Keystone, Colorado

Hundred Acres Trail - Trail, Keystone, Colorado


Ride up the service road, past the bottom of the Montezuma chair, and continue until you pass underneath the Gondola and Summit Express. One to two hundred yards past them, you will see an obvious singletrack climbing up from the service road, due east. This is the bottom of the popular "Loggers' Way" trail. BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR DOWNHILLERS! Climb up this trail, and when you come to the fork in the trail, take the much less used left fork. This trail will level off a bit until you come to the remains of two miner's cabins. (Here at the cabins, if you look real hard, you may find faint singletrack in the woods on the left going downhill through Jones Gulch. This is called the "SuperSecret", and is VERY steep and treacherous. Leave this trail for the more strong of heart and less-endo prone.) Continue on the obvious mining road going uphill and to the left just past the cabins. Here the real climb begins. You will ride up up up to treeline through around 6 or 7 switchbacks until you reach another old miner's cabin and a tailings pile. Savor the view to the west/ northwest, as you look across Keystone Mountain towards the mighty Gore Range Wilderness. Eat lunch, too...this is your last break for a while. Hike-a-bike along the downhill side of the cabin ruins, and follow a faint singletrack leading into the trees and around the northern flank of Independence Mountain. Keep your eyes peeled here...once you get to the eastern side of the mountain (maybe 200 yards), the downhill begins. Holy s%$t, what a downhill. Tight singletrack and VERY steep. Lots of tree roots, protruding rocks to maneuver around, and sawed-in-half logs to squeeze through. At the top you will ride down and across an avalanche path that is quite exposed. It's a long way down to the Snake River Valley floor! Two of the sections of this downhill are unbelievably steep and sandy...I've endoed countless times here. Once you get all the way down and into a level forest, you will come to the ruins of a cabin, and just beyond that, a winter ski cabin with an obviously brand-new stove and smokestack. Rest here, and follow the rocky logging road downhill to the left a few miles to a beaver pond with a man-made rock dam. Cross the dam and take the downhill (left) road into the town of Montezuma. Stay off of any private property, as the 40-odd residents of the town despise "gapers". The main street of town is the terminus of Montezuma Road, which if you take downhill will be a paved road all the way back to Keystone, 6 miles down. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT SKID THIS TRAIL- if you do, get off and walk. Very few locals know of this trail, and for some reason I'm sharing it with you. Take your time and bring lots of food and water- you will be in the boonies the whole ride.



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