Indian Creek Trail - TRAIL

Indian Creek Trail - Trail, Cuchara, Colorado

Trail begins with a challenging uphill climb followed by an exciting descent. There are several subsequent climbs and descents. The trail includes several water crossings and passes through some absolutely beautiful scenery including groves of aspen and spectacular views of the West Spanish Peak and Trenchera Peak. There are several intersecting trails so that it is possible to stay on this trail anywhere from about 2.5 to 14 miles. The trail starts out at close to 9500 ft. and descends to about 8000 ft. Don't let that fool you because there are some very challenging uphill climbs.

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RICH   [Jul 20, 2000]

Purgatorie CG: From Colorado Springs travel South on I-25 to Walsenburg. Take exit 52 westbound on highway 160 for 12 miles to highway 12 (Highway of Legends). Turn South on highway 12 for 5 miles to La Veta. Continue over Churcara Pass to North Lake. Park the shuttle at the South end of the lake. Otherwise, just beyond the lake turn right on FS345 and follow the gravel road for 4.5 miles to Purgatorie Campground and the North Fork trailhead. (It is approximately a 32-mile shuttle from North Lake requiring 1-hour.)

Sulfur Springs: From North Lake follow highway 12 North toward La Veta. Approximately 0.75 miles from town turn left on FS421 to the Indian Trail in 7 miles, which is about 1.5 miles beyond the Sulfur Springs resort. A sign designating Indian Creek Trail is on the left. Ample parking is at the trailhead or Sulfur Springs resort by permission.

Bear Lake CG: Permits an intermediate access point to the trail near Trinchera Peak. Travel 1.5 mile South of the Chucara ski resort to FS422, Chucara Recreational Area. Turn right on gravel road FS422 for 5 miles to Bear Lake Campground a fee area. This is a popular recreational area and provides access to numerous easy and moderate riding possibilities.


(0.0) Indian Trail TR1300: The trail starts with an uninspiring climb that becomes more refreshing as it gains some elevation and enters a dense forest. Sporadic mileage posts mark this trail and are quite accurate for the first four miles.

(2.0) After two miles, the scenery is beginning to change as the trail leaves the scrub behind and enters a densely packed forest.

(4.0) The double-track flattens out as it traverses a short ridge to the next switchback before continuing the long grind to the top. Technically the riding is easy with short strenuous sections that are very steep.

(6.0) Top of Hill: This is the top of the long climb with clear sailing to Bear Lake Campground.

(7.0) Descent: Make a big descent through aspens into Bonnett Park.

(8.25) Bonnett Park: A sign designates the park. Continue straight, past the unmarked foot trail.

(8.4) Unmarked Junction: Continue straight at this unmarked Junction.

(8.5) Junction TR1302: Continue straight. Sign reads, Bear Lake CG-5.6mi, Dodge Ton Trail (TR1302), Spring Creek Trailhead-4.3mi.

(9.0) Double-Track: Continue on double-track through small drainages on excellent tread.

(10.0) Hill: Continue on a moderate climb contouring small drainages.

(10.5) Unmarked Junction: Cross the creek and continue on double-track with a gradual uphill.

(11.0) Junction TR1300A: Continue straight and cross a small creek. Sign reads, Shortcut TR1300A, Dodge Ton Trail-1.5mi, Spring Creek Trailhead-4.3mi.

(12.5) Junction TR1301: Continue straight gradually climbing on prime double-track. Sign reads, Baker Creek TR1301, Dodge Ton Trail-3mi, Spring Creek Trailhead-4.3mi.

(13.5) Saddle: Top out at a flowery saddle with an unmarked trail closed to motor vehicles on the left (to Chucara ski area). To the South, Trinchera Peak is visible. The saddle to the left of Trinchera Peak is our route to Purgatorie CG and North Lake. Continue through the fence line, making a fun descent to Bear Lake CG.

(13.75) Footbridge: Small Creek crossing.

(14.0) Bear Lake CG: This is the trailhead for Indian Creek TR1300 at Bear Lake CG. A sign reads, Baker Creek Trail-1.5mi, Dodge Ton Trail-5.6mi. Follow the gravel road (FS422) down to Blue Lake CG.

(15.0) Junction FS413: Continue straight.

(15.25) Blue Lake CG: Turn right on FS436. A sign reads, North Fork TR1309-1.5mi, Trinchera Peak-3.5mi.

(15.5) Parking Lot: Turn left up Trinchera Peak road, which is steep for short sections but not very technical 4WD.

(16.75) Junction TR1309: This is the North Fork Trail to Purgatorie campground. Continue up the 4WD road toward Trinchera Peak. A sign at this juncture reads, North Fork Trail No. 1309, Trinchera Peak-2mi, Purgatorie C.G.-5mi. (See mileage 21.0 if you're omitting the climb to Trinchera Peaks saddle. Its about 1,170-ft to the saddle and 40 minutes of riding.)

(17.5) Timberline: I love this ride. Just above timberline is an excellent spot for lunch with a panoramic view toward West Spanish Peak. The end of the road at the saddle can also be spotted to the West as one follows the switchbacks across the drainage.

(18.5) Continue up the 4WD road, as it becomes more technical and rocky. The road traverses a small drainage, then makes it way through a couple of lung busting rocky switchbacks before a very short hike-a-bike just below the saddle.

(18.75) Trinchera Peak Saddle: Roads end with an inspiring view to the West and East. From this location is a good view to the Southeast toward Purgatorie C.G. Its a very quick descent back down the 4WD road to the North Fork Trail.

(20.25) Timberline: I love this ride.

(21.0) Junction TR1309: Right turn to the South. This section to Purgatorie CG is technically the most difficult riding of the day. A portion of the trail is primitive single-track and not well maintained. Expect loose rock on steep descents and possibly some blowdown.

(21.25) Saddle: From here it's mostly down hill with a steep Technically Difficult rocky section just ahead.

(22.0) Jct. Wildcat Trail: An old sign reads, Wildcat Trail, North Fork Trail. Continue straight through a small meadow overcome by wildflowers.

(23.25) Creek Crossing: Ride across the creek and continue, or take the log to the left.

(23.75) Creek Crossing: Ride across the creek and continue on single-track. There are still some Technically Difficult rocky sections ahead.

(25.25) Purgatorie CG: This is the Purgatorie Trailhead for the North Fork Trail. A sign reads, North Fork Trail No. 1309, Trinchera Peak Road-5mi, Blue Lake CG-6.5mi. Turn left, through the campground on gravel road FS324.

(28.75) Jct. Highway 12: Turn left, North on paved road.

(29.0) North Lake: End of Ride.

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The best rides are the loops or out and backs from Bear Lake CG. However, the following is a shuttle riding N to S from the trailhead near the sulphur springs resort to North Lake; 29 miles/ 6000-ft. 6-9 hours. If you plan on riding the Indian Trail from the North, then pick a cool day because it is hot & humid thru the forest at lower elevations. This is an excellent destination on a cool fall weekend when the colors are changing.

Similar Products Used: I am doing a survey to determine interest for longer and technical mtn bike rides. Meaning 5-12 hours, technically difficult and usually 5000-ft plus gains. This is one of about 50 I have accumulated and is one of the less interesting, (I reviewed this one because the trail was posted without any reviews). If you have any interest in these type of rides please post a review. It seems like publishers have cold feet for this type of material.
Dr. Demento   [Oct 16, 2000]

This trail KICKS ASS!!!!!!! The going up part is hard but coming down kicks!!!!!!

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Take highway 12 to Spring Creek trail. From there take the trail up to about 5 or 6 miles. Then turn back and shoot back down.

Kevin K.   [Nov 13, 2001]

kick ass. if ur interested drop me an email and we can go ride. bring ur DH bike. i live like 20 minutes from the trail and have ran it alot. very fun. good DH training. its impossible to run the trrail now though, theres snow. it should open again around april or may.

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im a DHer so i start on indian creek, then i cut to baker creek trail then that leads to the dodgeton trail. it is an action packed DH and worth every bit of the 1/2 mile climb at the beginning. after the first climb there is very few up hills after that.

Similar Products Used: theres 1 in colorado springs called the pipeline that totally kicks ass. i have no clue to get there but its a good trail.
Erin K.   [Dec 12, 2002]

Kicks ass and is a good place for DH practice and some cross country.

Customer Service

Take Highway 160 from Walsenburg west till turnoff to La Veta. Take that highway to La Veta and go though the town. Fallow the signs that say Cachura and you'll go through a 15 mile highway section. You'll come to this small town that is hidden away off to the left. Keep going for another mile to a sign that says Spring Creek Trailhead. Go into the parking lot (there is a fee) and there is a small trail that is behind a bathroom area. Fallow that trail for a good 3 miles and you'll come upon a fork and to the left is dodeton trail. If you fallow any trail to where there is a campground. This is about 15 to 20 miles up the trail. it's a good climb but you'll have a blast coming down.

Similar Products Used: Hogback Trail in the Walsenburg State Park behind the lake. Good for hinking rock climbing biking(cross country) and has a small swimming area close by.
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