Dog Pack - Trail, Top of Topanga, California

Dog Pack - Trail, Top of Topanga, California


Cool, shady canyon with oak and sycamore, and sunny ridges. Mostly singletrack, with some doubletrack and a little fire road and paved road. Basically a big bowl with several ridges going down into it. 10 or more different 1-3 mi trails in the park, and many options (dozens of miles) outside to the West, Southwest and Northwest into Calabasass (from near the water tank areas at the tops). 1/4 mi downhill from the trailhead, the entry fire road hits the stream, and most of the trails converge near that area. Several good ways to climb up about 2 miles long, several different descents about the same, plus a bunch of options, rolling singletrack connectors through the park, and a few miles of ridgetop up-and-down/around. No trail map so go explore. Moderately technical in places (debris, overgrowth, ruts, steep), otherwise fun twisty singletrack. Beginner to advanced stuff. The park is not huge (a few square miles), but has a lot of fun riding for an advanced or intermediate rider. Up the East and center (main) trails, around the top to the West/South (left), and down to the East off the West ridge (left) are the preferred routes. However you can hook these trails into a myriad of different loops. If you take the East road up, you end at Topanga. Go left on pavement 1/2 mi, and left on the paved gated road at the top of the hill. The tight-knit community of Fernwood is at the South end of the park. Do the trails there, but please stay North of the houses and do not disturb the neighbors who value privacy. Watch for occaisional hikers and dogs. Gets hot in summer, so go early. No water.


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[Jul 09, 2001]

Fun, twisty singletrack. Something new. Good climbs. Hardpack, with some leafy debris and a few loose spots. Some nice canyon scenery w/Oaks, Sycamore's and Eucalytpus. Good options for extra mileage and drops. May be overgrown w/tall grass on some of the narrow ST, or maybe not, I have not been out there lately. Fields (not trails) are usually disced by June 1, leaving it nice. Main routes always stay clear (traffic). Changes during the year, so just ride it. Not the greatest spot around, but fun and some technical stuff, and not often ridden.

Best descents are Eastbound off The Rim Tr: Near the Southern tank (homes), including Ridgeback (slightly North of tank), and Mongrel (small ST-slightly South, hidden, starts near 'olive grove'). Also at the far South end, 1/4 mi before (North of) the gravel road (homes, top), and NOT the fire break (North of that too). This is Hound's. ST, steep, big rut, bedrock, tall grass, technical, phat, with lots of fast, twisty ST down lower. Left's or straight along the ridge then left(s) to exit. Watch for hikers/dogs. Also look for Skinny Puppy between Mongrel and Hound's. There are many more, such as Retriever, down the East ridge(s) just West of Topanga Cyn Blvd. Lots of side action too.

Look for connector trails as climbs or descents: Narrow fun ST off of, and crossing Ridgeback. The longest of these is Greyhound, which crosses about 1/2 way down, just after the crest of the steep downhill (hard to spot, so slow to find it). Either left or right has descending. More, explore.

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Loops - Up/around/down, plus side action. Maybe add Hi-C or Middle School.

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Trail and/or ridge South of Northern tanks, dropping to houses. Right on gravel road at the top (South end) of The Rim Tr, then straight/left along ridge road connecting to Dirt Mullholland. Then to Hi-C Tr. Either way. climb back up to the park via XXXX pavement (Thomas Guide p.)

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