TRT Spooner to Kingsburry - TRAIL

TRT Spooner to Kingsburry - Trail, South Lake Tahoe, California

12 miles of singletrack: 24 round trip. Uphill from both ends to a highpoint. Decent/ascent from kingsburry side is highly technical and long. Many rock steps some 2 feet or more. Probably 4 miles at least of this. The rest of the trail is VERY nice. Not too steep or rocky coming up from Spooner. The last two miles down into the Spooner trailhead is worth the whole ride. 24 miles total. Not a good trail for lowlevel intermediate riders. Strong and/or adventurous souls will love it.

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Doug Brummett   [Aug 06, 2002]

Great scenery. A lot less traffic than the rest of the Rim Trail. I only saw about 5 people on this ride. I took about 4 hours to do this trail, but heard from one of the locals that I met that it can be done in 2.

The trail starts out in a respectable climb with some rock gardens that need to be walked. But I think these are the only ones that have to be walked on the trail. There are about 4 or 5 sections. Of these I was able to drop about half on the way back. The others would take a serious death wish or a freeride bike and I posses neither after 4 hours on the trail.

The trail then winds up the mountain. There is some short downhill sections to keep the monotony of climbing from becomingg overbearing, but the trail is predominantly a climb.

You will climb through the forrest, meadows, and eventually get to a junction. Keep striaght and you enter another region of trail. You are still climbing, but at a much more mellow rate. This is another interesting section for scenery. You can tell that you are gaining altitude.

The next section of the trail goes into shale as you break free of the trees. This will have you bouncing out of the saddle and cursing unless you are s&m prone. After about 1/4 to 1/2mi though you will reach the bench. The view is awesome 180* of Lake Tahoe. The only mountains higher are those that still have snow caps. I think this peek is 9200-9300ft up. I took about a half hour break here. It was pretty windy, but warm weather that day so it was tollerable.

Then the fun begins. The shale still sucks, but is easier on the way down. The upper section of the trail is great dirt pack. Translates to fast sweeping dh fun. Kick it up to the big ring and crank it. Traction is great and vision of what is ahead is fantastic.

You will fly past the junction and climb a bit before returning to DH singletrack. This section is more rocky, but still fun. It transitions from dusty wooded sections to rocky and sandy sections, but overall the traction is still phenominal.

There is some decent climbing involved on the way back. Maybe it just fealt that way because the altitude was killing me. The climbing is short in comparison to the dh and the views are just as sweet on the way down.

Take note of where the worst rock gardens are on the way up. Otherwise you may not see them until it is too late on the way back down.

If you can handle the climb then this trail is sweet. I will definitely be doing it again. It was really nice not to have to watch for other riders. This appears to be a much less riden section of the TRT.

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I rode from N. Benjamin trailhead to the bench at the peak of the trail.

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