Oak Spring - TRAIL

Oak Spring - Trail, Santa Clarita, California

The trail starts out with a series of switch-backs, which lead to a slope that makes a slow curve around the hillside. The climb then gets more intense where you are riding in grass and weeds closing in around the trial, which is well maintained. There are small rocks and logs on this climb, which makes the climb all much tiresome. You can hear gunshots from a firing range echoing in the canyons. As you continue up the steady uphill grade, you will hit some a few rolling hills. From these hills you can see Sun Valley. Continue up the hill and you reach the top, from there you have a slight down hill, which leads to the Oak Springs. It is amazing down there, where you can just kick back and enjoy everything. Once you finish hanging out you can cross the stream and continue upwards in between some more maintained grass and weeds. This up hill is pretty steady. Which will lead you to the fire road. From this point you have many options. You can go back down the trial…or climb up the fire road…or go down the fire road…or take the other trail with is around 500 ft. down the fire road. I decided to go up the fire road to boulder point and from there you take the fire road back to the trail. This trial was one of the most intense riding I have done up to date. The trail has a good climb and a nice chill spot at Oak Springs. There was a recent fire so the top is burnt, but it still is a wonderful view. The climb in difficult, the downhill is fast and technical. There are switch backs, streams, nice little hits on the single back, sharp turns, rocks, grassy fields, wonderful views, and no people on here. One of my favorite of all times.

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hikerturnedbiker   Weekend Warrior [Oct 05, 2004]

exit 210w at osborne, go right, first light will be osborne place go left and follow road into canyon , after about 5 minutes or less you will see gold creak road on your right side , go right and follow road , parking area comes up on right side, park and ride back out to road and go right and stay on right side of road, look for oak springs trail camp marker and there you are this is the easy way to get there the other way is the overly long way.this trail is tuff going up , i usually gota take a few breaks, once things even out and the steep inclines stop your home free, the trail camp is well worth the trip and is always empty, eat your lunch under the trees at the camp and enjoy your ride back out its all down hill.

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i recomend very strongly that during summer months you hit this trail early so your return trip is a little before 12 noon, i live a couple miles from there and have been doing this trail since i was a kid and believe me there are a huge rattle snakes up there and lots of them, try and bring a freind with you if possible, the trail does continue past the camp but it sucks royally .

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