Judy Woods - TRAIL

Judy Woods - Trail, Bradford, United Kingdom

got a bit of everything, the entrance to the woods and the first mile or so is some pretty rooty,bumpy singletrack,nice and fast,but technical at speed,but has a constant downward gradient, (on the way though theres various jumps been built,and you can always take the multidude of exits for a bit more lively xc) after this you'll reach Judy Bridge, hit a left up the rocky road,go left at the top and you'll find hidden away by trees some downhill tracks,with approx 10 routes you can take through them, local riders have built jumps and created a couple of very steep,very rock downhill sections,bit of something for everyone.

Depending on the route(S) you take through the woods, your ride can be anywhere from 2 miles to about 10.

and if you're in need of liquid refreshment, take a right once on the bridge, up the rocky path, follow it past the field and you'll come out between houses onto a road, hit a left and theres a pub about 100yds down the road on your left, all the mtb'ers congregate here a lot, for a pint.

All in all its a good, scenic, manic, fun route, enjoy! Dale Buxton.

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pirateluke   Downhiller [Nov 01, 2004]

i ride these trails more or less evry day and know em like the back of my hand helps that i live about 500 yards from them. 1 thing i do reccomend is not to leve your car neer the buttershaw estate or else it wont have any wheels when you get back. any way yeah there aint much there in the way of dh trackes any more, because were not aloud in there and the counsil knocked down all our tracks we have the main one left though with two others breaking off the main 1 has 2 huge berms and there just ace! but yeha in general the tracks are windy and very quick i have avrage speed of 35mph round em, contact me if your interested

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all of them

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