Gravity Fed Trail - Trail, Lillooet, British Columbia

Gravity Fed Trail - Trail, Lillooet, British Columbia


High Alpine riding that drops into tree line singletrack. High Elevation starting point. Winding hardpacked single track. mostly intermediate to advanced.


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[Aug 01, 2000]
Craig Weisbrod

This trail is best suited for intermediate++ to advanced riders who feel confident in their abilities. You need to understand transition of weight & balance on the bike and enjoy being a little overwhelmed/slightly scared at times. It is not an extreme BC ride, just all around fun and challenging.

Town of Lillooet is around 700ft elevation, helidrop is at 7600 ft. Your starting point is in the very high alpine area, overlooking a 360* view of every tall mtn in BC, stunning views! Ride starts with downhill run approximately 1300 ft to get to the tree line. In the trees is fast twisty very flowly singletrack, up & down spurts as you roll around lodgepole & doghair pine trees-ground is hardpack-dependant on time of year..needle covered track. Find a brave leader to follow and watch him closly as the trail can dart left and right over blind rises-they are the most fun. Most drop offs are around 6 inches so you just lean back a little and pull front off to float over, some nice areas to catch a little airtime. Disc brakes help so much in here when you need to slow down really fast. There are tons of great workable switchbacks that keep you awake. Nothing on the downhill is extreme BC stuff, but the whole trail in one piece forces you to think all the time and be aware of trail dips well ahead of the turn...there are a few surprises that lurk in the tree canopy and blind turns!! Pat (guide extrodinaire) runs a great show for his guests. The cost for three riders, the helicopter, and then Pat was only $420.00 Canadian, and with the exchange rate it works out to be around $280.00 US $$-----yes, this includes the heli ride to the top and Pat too!

At the bottom, I would recommend taking the faster way out of the double track area, if you take the longer route it means serious tuff walking climb, and this burns up too much time especially if you want to grab a vehicle assisted downhill in the day too. The single track accounts for a good 80-85% of the day.

I didn't use body armor, although in a few sections I would've liked it just to shoulder block some overhanging tree branches and stuff. I didn't crash in there, came close a few times, but it looks like there was room to crash without too much carnage!

It does take some time to get to Lillooet, around 5.5hrs from Seattle, 3.5 from Vancouver BC etc, but is really worth it. Like I said in here prior, take the quick way out at the bottom so you can get in another downhill with Pat later in the day. Then head in to Kamloops BC for a different type of riding-that is what we did and had a great 4 day mini-vacation. Please email me for more info or if you have any questions.

This was a great ride and if I can find some extra days off would do it again this year in a flash!! Pat Ansdell and Lenny Hurst are two of the nicest people around and will take care of you when you are there!!


Customer Service

Helicopter up-the only way to climb it!! Contact Pat Ansdell for more info-see the website!!

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Pat has local secrets that he is happy to share with you...if you have the legs left after a heli-tour!

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