Ravine Cutline - TRAIL

Ravine Cutline - Trail, Whitecourt, Alberta

This trail is really sandy, it makes it hard for that reason. It is fun to rip down the trail towards the old bus station. However, if the bridge is out over beaver creek (like usual) then you are stuck either crossing the creek or riding back up the trail, which is sandy, and pretty steep, it is rideable though, just makes you sweat a lot. If you go the opposite direction of the bus station you will eventually get to the forestry interpritive center where there is the start of another great trail.

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y0   [Jul 19, 2000]

Its an okay trail, definetly not the best in Whitecourt, it is very hot because it is in the direct sun. It is also very sandy. Sand everywhere, fun for going down but hard to get up. If the bridge is there, which is like never, or if you feel like crossing the creek (it is really shallow) then you can link trails to centennial park by riding out to the bus station and then turning right. Once you turn right just follow that trail till you come to the park gates and get back on the road.
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If it is a nice day out and the trail is dry then go fly down the trail towards the old bus stop (the busstop can be seen in the distance from the trail head) if not, well then be prepared for a ride in sand and water. Mainly though I just use this trail to connect up to Switchback.

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