temple run - TRAIL

temple run - Trail, Yamagata, Japan

...okay, in terms of order, the trails i am telling you about can each be done individually but they are more of a workout and more fun if they are done in succession. that said, this is the 3rd (jaba pool 1, jaba pool 2, and now the temple run). this is the shortest and most technically demanding.
so, again from the jaba pool complex look up and you will see white signs on the side of sakazukiyama. that is the direction you are going. from the jaba pool parking lot head up-river maybe 20 meters and take your first left turn. it is a super steep road to a temple. however, it is also very short (probably not even 1/2 kilometer).
when the road ends, you will see 4 trailheads. the right one is still under investigation but we think it is unpassable. the 2 in front of you that go down to the left and right are okay but they have added stairs and are a little anticlimactic. you want to go up to the left (relative to the road, straight ahead up the ridge).
you will see some wooden stairs. try to go up them on the left side, good technical climbing practice. then follow the trail at the top of the first flight of stairs to the left. it gets super steep for a short time. try it. it Ts with another trail. follow that up to the left. again, stairs but you can pass them in the 6-10 inch area to their left. ganbatte. at the top of the stairs, there is a trail left. dont take it. it starts great but is more than a little anti-climactic. instead, go right to the tiny shrine and the best view of the city (maybe).
you will see stairs heading down (opposite side from where you came up), look on the river side of those stairs and you will see a single track that comes out at the bottom of the stairs. put your seat down and keep your ass off the back of the saddle for this. there are a lot of rocks that are begging to endo you from here to the end of this trail i am reviewing.
[** im not going to tell you how to live your life but a helmet is a super good idea on this {and any} trail. this trail, in particular is full o' brainin' stones. use a lot of caution.]
at the bottom of the stairs, follow my directions please! go straight. at the split, go left (not up to the tori). at the next split, go left. slow a little and notice the little spur that goes up to your right after the second left. take this right. ass off the seat and drop over the other side of the ridge. follow down to the saddle and snicker 'cause that was just dangerous enough to kill you but didnt.
follow past the ugly 1970s lookout and head right. ass off the seat and pick your way down to the cemetary after passing the stairs on your left. fun. be sure to respect where you are and say, "shitsure shimashita." when you leave. done. done?




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