jaba pool 2 - TRAIL

jaba pool 2 - Trail, Yamagata, Japan

if you havent read the directions of jaba pool 1, check that out 'cause this is kind of a continuation of that.

so, you just finished jaba pool 1 and you want more. turn around and go up the way you just came down. (if you went down to the pond [numanobe], go up the stairs and then up the steep short trail [with the rope] to the ridge). just keep climbing. it is a real challenge. but, again, it isnt too long. you will go maybe 1/2 kilo to the place where, coming down, the trail split 3 ways. just keep following the trail up. you will see lots of small trails on your left. they are dead ends so i dont recommend them. eventually, the trail will come around a pretty 90degree left turn and sort of flatten out followed by another 40 meters of easier climbing. when it flattens out and goes along a kind of saddle in the ridge, start looking left.
remember on jaba 1 when you came out of the ferny part? about 30 meters before that (coming from this direction [up trail]) on your left, there is a narrow trail. if you get to the powerline tower that you passed coming out of the ferny area on your way down, you have gone too far.
anyway, when you take the left, you will see that it is a very narrow trail that is climbing in steps. you will come to a powerline sign with the trail going wicked steep up right while still in the woods. that is a fun trail to come down that i will let you discover on your own (there is a turn off of jaba 1 before the S turn on your right that leads to this trail), but for jaba 2, keep following the trail you were on. eventually you come to a powerline tower. go up and to the right. climbing done.
this is a very fun singletrack. it has lots of sudden turns and false trails off of it so take your time the first time you do it. best rule of thumb as for taking the correct trail at a turn is to always go down, not across.
it comes out at the back of a neighborhood. go maybe 1/4 or 1/3 kilo into the neighborhood and take a left. you will come into a park that is around the aforementioned pond (numanobe).
still wanting more? mmmmkay. go to the trail directions for the temple run.




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