jaba pool 1 - TRAIL

jaba pool 1 - Trail, Yamagata, Japan

i know this system is going to erase all of this info (again) but i am a glutton for punishment and you may want to be too if you do this short but totally crap climb.
to get to the trail head, meet at jaba pool and follow the road on that side of the river up-river. you will pass a driving school on your left. continue on the gravel. eventually, the trail narrows and after maybe 1 kilo, meets a paved access road for a road maintainence yard. continue up-river until you see a park on your left with a basketball court. you will then come to the point on the map that i marked. take a left toward the mountain, go through the tunnels and start climbing.
its steep but doable. follow the road up. then more up. followed by a little more. you will know you have topped out when you see a large, black granite monument on your right. put your seat down, follow the road left and go along the double track.
after maybe 1/2 kilo or so, the doubletrack does a 90degree turn left. this is where you leave the doubletrack and go into singletrack.
there is a somewhat hidden trail on your right. drop in and follow it. this first part is a little eaten up so (if we dont do some serious trail work this spring) you have to hike-a-bike for maybe 20meters. then, get on and go. fast, wet, ferny fun. after a quite steep S turn (watch your head under the fallen tree), the trail is kinda easy to lose for 5 meters. just go through the under brush.
here, you will leave the ferny area and go to a slightly off-camber single track that is dry and fast and fun. go like hell. (i want to write a review of jaba 2, so notice [about 30 meters after you leave the ferny area] a trail that goes off to your right. that is jaba 2. remember it.)
anywho. just go for a few kilometers, very fast and fun. at one point you will come to a place where the trail splits 3 ways. if you go up to the right, there is a VERY steep trail on the other side of that little knob with the bald spot. watch out.
if you dont want anymore, go down to the left and you are done.
if you want a little more, go straight. stop when you come to the steep right turn off of the ridge down to the pond (numanobe).
at this point, you could also not go down to the pond but turn around and do jaba 2... more on that trail next.




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