Iwakuni and Otake - TRAIL

Iwakuni and Otake - Trail, Iwakuni, Japan

All single track multiuse trail. Several branches and even a nice waterfall. Very nice camping area at the top. VERY slippery when wet.

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Roadstar_Rider   Weekend Warrior [Oct 11, 2009]

The stop sign described in the directions is now a stop light so it took me a little while to actually find this trail. WHen you start heading up you will pass an old sheet metal barn which is rusted and falling in on itself and a house. A bit past that you will see a kind of makeshift grass parking area at a Y in the road. DO NOT go past this point. Park in the grass, this is where the ride starts. The red bridge described is just ahead if you take the right fork in the Y. If you drive down this road, you will end up having to reverse out while trying not to back off the edge of the cliff. I found this out the hard way.

The trail itself is difficult to ride up. There are many rock steps and roots covering the trail. My buddy and I spent a lot of time hiking up. Coming down was fun and very technical. There are a few spots that are completely un-rideable (up or down) and you have to walk. If you ride this trail in the summer the trail becomes very narrow due to all of the plant life that grows here and spiders make their webs across the trail so keep you head low.

This trail isn't too bad, other than all the walking. It's close to Iwakuni and the air station so if you are looking for a quick ride and need only have a couple of hours, you can easily get out there, ride the trail (or parts of it) and be back fast. I think this area is more hikers as there are trail maps posted all over as well as a camp ground and an observation point which has some good pictures.

My ratings are as follows

Aerobic Difficulty:
The hills aren't too steep but you end up having to hike up many of the sections lugging your bike. If you are in pretty good shape you should be able to make up up no problem.

Technical difficulty:

Unless you are in great shape and a very experienced technical rider, riding up will be difficult. All of the large rocks and roots in the trails here will make it very difficult for riders not experienced with this kind of terrain. I rode with a buddy from Virginia who was able to ride a lot of this stuff. He says thats all the have there.

Overall I give this trail a 3 simply because most will not be able to ride the whole thing. I am the kind of rider that will sweat my butt off for an hour hiking to the top of a hill just for 10 minutes of action on the ride down.

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Follow the trail signs. The trail system appears to be a big loop.

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