Amerityre Flatfree Airless All Purpose Mountain Tire

Flatfree Airless All Purpose Mountain

Amerityre Flatfree 12.5 x 2.25 Airless All Purpose Mountain Tread Bike Tire

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Rich   [Dec 23, 2013]

I have peace of mind in knowing that I will never get another flat tire. I once had a strange bouncing sensation coming from the back Amerityre. There was a three inch nail that had gone through the Amerityre and bottomed out at the rim. Once I got the nail out I was able to continue my ride in much less time than it would have taken to repair the flat and most likely would have needed a new tube and tire. The damage from the nail would have been that bad with a conventional tire.

The tire weighs only 1 pound more than a conventional air tire. In truth the tire weighs less than a traditional tire due to the reduction in weight of repair items, extra tubes, pump, green goo, polyurethane liners, and tools needed to make the repair.

The Amerityre is an insurance policy. Most riders will spend more money on repairs and wasted riding time by fixing conventional tires. The ride consistency of the Amerityre compared to the conventional tire is the same when the conventional tire is fully inflated. I can ride over whatever I want and go wherever I want. I like not needing to watch for glass, nails and gravel where something sharp that can puncture a tire. I get less ground resistance than an air filled tire due to the design which gives me greater speed and less effort.


I have not found any weaknesses. Putting the Amerityre on is a challenge if you try to force the tire on. Two 1"x 1/8th"x 10" steel pry bars to mount the tire and a rubber mallet to seat the Amerityre allows the tire to be mounted on the rim within minutes.

I have been riding on Amerityres for three years. During the summer of 2013 I rode from Washington State to Wisconsin - 1900 miles without a problem. The ride was comfortable and worry free. Several other riders along the way were skeptical of the airless Amerityre until we discussed flat tires and down time. I had to bow out of the conversation because I had know stories to tell. Others were fascinated and wanted to know where to get the Amerityre. I have taken many groups on tours and fixed more flat tires than I can remember. On those tours I spent a lot of time watching the road for objects which could cause flats. I would rather watch the scenery than the road.

I enjoy going off road from the pavement when I want, and not worry about tack weed or other plants with sharp points. I have ridden along irrigation roads and into fields where at the end of the road my tire will have hundreds of tack weeds in the tires. The only problem is once I get back on the pavement is avoiding the flying tack weed coming off the front tire.

I will not go back to conventional air tires. I enjoy ridding even more now than ever before.

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