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GammaDriver   Cross Country Rider [Jan 16, 2000]

Cheap? (I don't know - it came on the bike)


rear hub doesn't last very long

I would not recommend spending moeny on these. Shortly after buying the bike (they came with it) I repacked the hubs with grease (to make sure there was enough in there, and to help clean the system) and forgot about it.

lately, after noticing, and adjusting for, some play in the rear axle (a little loose in the hub) it developed a sqeak. Since i had some grade 25 ball bearings I wanted to put in the hubs anyway, I took the rear apart. After less than six months a visible pit (or canyon) in on the drive-side cone. While running my finger around the bearing area, I felt a sharp, solid piece of debris (and possibly a smaller one also) - considering that the axle wasn't really loose I am left to deduce that the debris was from within the hub itself (pawl pieces?).

I totally cleaned out the bearing areas, regreased and put 18 grade 25 bearings in the rear wheel - but with the pit on the cone I'm sure it won't be too long before I have to service it again.

Unlike the Acera X hubs I once had, right now most of the wear seems to be on the cones. (The Acera X wore at the hub bodies.) This may be a plus if I can get a new cone or two.

The seals on these hubs are not what you'd want for XC riding.

My advice is to read the reviews, know that, especially if you are buying a replacement set of hubs / wheels from wearing out your last ones, you should expect to spend a good amount of money on wheels & hubs - cheap components only last a short while, and steer clear of these hubs.

Buy XT for little money, King if you have money.

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