Fox Shox 32 Float 150 RLC Fit 1.5 2012 Forks

32 Float 150 RLC Fit 1.5

Anyone worldwide may purchaseThis FOX Racing Shox product, however,The delivery address must be insideThe United States."Factory" is FOXsTop ofThe line series and gives youThe best-of-the-bestTechnology FOX hasTo offer.The 32 Float 150 RLC combines Kashima coating, FIT damping, and a 15QRThru-axle systemTo provide you with plush, efficient, and stiff rideThat doesnt compromise. Kashima Coat: Buttery-smooth, Genuine Kashima Coat is available only from FOX Racing Shox. Its distinctive gold color

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sjchrislee   All Mountain Rider [Mar 04, 2012]

Plush, kashima coating, no stiction, high durability, FIT damper, Rebound, Lockout Compression, NO TRAVEL ADJUST


Servicing is once every 30-40 hours of riding, which is pretty often. But then again, it's optional. White color ticks some people off.

Like all fox forks, this is a racing grade fork. Therefore, there will be a lot of maintenance necessary to keep it working very well( servicing, cleaning stanchions, etc.). I would recommend this to any advanced MTB light all mountain riding enthusiast or racer.

For 2012, the only big improvement I saw was the kashima coating, which REALLY HELPS, and prevents friction and drastically increases durability. However, this doesn't mean that it should not be left unclean, because scratches are possible.

All of us know what the RLC and FIT damper does, so need to explaining about that...

As for comparing this to the 2012 fox talas 150 rlc fit, I chose the float. Personally, and this probably relates to a LOT if not Every RIDER, nobody likes to stop riding and then switch settings on their fork. Most of the time, with travel adjustment forks, people will change the travel on the climb and then forget to change the travel back on. Even then, you really can't feel the difference. Also, the talas is heavier by a fifth of a pound, which can make a big difference to a racer. Along with this, the talas is more prone to breaking and failure. This applies to all MTB Products: the more moving and functioning parts there are in a bike, the more likely it is for the part to break. Having extra features like the travel adjust only create less plushness in a fork, complicated air adjustments, extra weight, and more room for failure.
I don't use travel adjust, and adding that it in is chipping an extra 100 wasted bucks.

I'm not saying that the TALAS is bad; it's perfect for those who do really really really steep climbs for miles and then do downhill for miles in return.

By now, it is possible to wait for the 2013 fork if you're patient enough. I needed a new fork after switching bikes, so I needed to get a fork as soon as possible.

Again, it's a fox fork, so you should expect a lot from it. Maintain it well to increase longevity. Like fox products which are either hits or misses, this one was a hit.

AS for price, the cheapest and most reliable place I found it for was at universal cycles with the VIP15 coupon, which gives 15 percent off on 300 bucks or more products.

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