Bianchi Super Grizzly 2003 Hardtail

Super Grizzly

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Steve G.   Cross Country Rider [Sep 08, 2003]

Strong frame; beautiful craftsmanship; awsome full XTR 2003 group; XTR disc brakes and dual-control ; light weight but bullproof; XTR wheelsets;


I'm not a fan of the Titec "big al" "fast al" seatpost and stem. Saddle was low-end ofr a $4000=retail bike; swapped out all those componets; I'm mixed on the MArzocchi fork the SL only due to reviews but i'm much more fond of it.

Let me put it this way, I used to own CMBS bike shop in Ithaca, and now run a brokerage firm. I've ridden about 15 bikes in the last 10 years. This is one of the nicest, if not the very nicest bikes I've owned. Frame is wicked light and super-well designed. The paint is flawless and the brochure online does not do it justice. Stiff, light. Disc-specific, no seatstay studs for vbrakes.
the XTR groupo - I like it a lot. I love the crank. super stiff, wicked looking and while some dont like the crank arm because it 'scuffs', i dont care because my ankles always wrip up crank arms anyway. The RapidRise - i love the upshifts and it shifts flawlessly. YET, i'm not overly in love with the shift to a lower gear. when rocking down a tighter section with dropoffs, etc., its a big effort to reach forward, grab the lever. I like keeping fingers on brakes and would rather use a 1 finger like the old thumbshifters. but i like it. i also hav e abad wrist from snow boarding so maybe its just me.

the XTR wheelset is awsome. fast as hell and low weight. looks, if that matters, are awsome. the xtr disc brakes are great. my first disc bike after about 18 years of strong riding. i never really wanted any 'MORE' braking. i liked old-styule, and theen liked the vbrake style. What i like is that the braking is linear. no 'grabbing', same braking in wet and dry, lesser squeel (they need about 5 rides to break in); and if everything oges well, you could have the wheels for quite some time since you arent wearing on the rims. also less change of ripping up tires.

the fork - thi sis th eonly area i get a bit less excited; i like the fork. its smooth as glass. i think its a little eheavy for a sweet like bike. but still very nice. The mechanics of the fork are some of the easiest around, but i've had a situation so far where the air simply bleeds out ever few rides. only on it about 8 rides so far and maybe a lot of it is changing temperatures. Fridays' ride was at 80degreeds mid-day and Sundays was at 53degrees at 6am. But we'll see. i like the ride but i find guaging fork performance to be tough as hell on trail as your riding not staring at your fork.
Took 3 rides to break in but now its very smooth.
Ill figure it out but it is taking a little longer than a maniout skareb pro which is plug and play .

Westwood cycle in Westwood nJ is an excellent shop. mark and allen, the owners, are brothers and put a lot of attention into their work. they are highly knowledgeable in high0-end bikes and their prices are very good. They worked with me, giving me a great deal. I paid about $3200 in total with pedals, etc. and I think it was an awseome price. If you need stuff, call them. Again, one of the best shops i've had the pleasure to do business with on high end stuff. They get it.

Bottom Line: Love the bike. about $5000 in equipment for $3000; great frame; great parts; great wheels; good fork;

Rides like a champ. motors and rolls up curvy trails and eats up the curves coming down. a little chattery over small rock fields, if you run into those, but thats fine because on the next rise or fire road, it stomps. hop out of th esaddle and hamme ron the pedals and it shoots forward with zero flex. between the frame (scandium and the crank and wheels), its one of the stiffest bikes in the drive train area that i've ever had.
it was wierd buying this thing because no reviews ANYWHERE on it. italian marketing must mean sitting at a cafe and drinking coffee. took the risk...very happy.


Similar Products Used: I've ridden a ton, used to own Cayuga Mountain Bike SHop in Ithaca about 10 years ago; Kona Hei Hei; Breezer Ultimates; Rocky Mountain Team Vertex
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