Stratos S-8 Ultra 2003 Front Shocks

Stratos S-8 Ultra 2003 Front Shocks 


A work of industrial art and Choice Award winner, the S8 is the king of inverted forks! Beefy, jet-black 35MM stanchions give 7 or 8 true inches of oil-bath, buttery-smooth travel with a virtually bottomless feel. A 3-spring stack in each leg gives the S8 nearly infinite tuning possibilities for both your weight and riding style. Crown design offers a full 90-degree turning radius.


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[Jun 24, 2004]


Frist and mabe most important is that STRATOS has the best service I HAVE EVER HAD as a customer. And trust me i owned a lot of products but never had this good service before. As a Extreme Downhill Racer you come to use and see a lot of products from very good to very bad. And from what i have seen and expirienced in this last 5 years is you need a good serviceable staff and not to forget a very good product. This Fork came in 2001 named by the name as The Superstar 8 and was one of the very frist inverted double-crown forks and won MTBR's Choice Award in 2001. We live now half way 2004. The concept is still the same, Stratos kept the disine the same, but they improved it a lot. What you see nowadays is that other companys just keep coming out with new stuff and and products and a lot of people believe this products are better and worth the money but thats totally not true. Think like this, Stratos invented the fork and just improved it and made it a lot better then it allready is, they did not invent just another fork for to sell, what other companys do. In this past years Stratos Forks have become Stronger, Very Bomb Prove then ever before, they even make the Forks, Shocks, custome made for every specifiek Driver out there. What more do you want or wish for. I am not saying this because i own this product, but because as a Extreme Downhill Racer i have seen and felt this things in action, and they are all worth it. The all thing is CNC Art technolgy. The upper two tubes are tick as hell, the Down part two. 200mm of RACE LIVE SAVING as some of you mite say. Really this thing saves LIVES. 18.25feet of Drops and still no bottom out. 10feet of Flat Drops still those not bottom out. Those it get any worse. Well i truelly believe Stratos made this thing Bomb Prove but i dont believe my body will outstand any higher jumps if i do. I think this speaks for itself, no need to say anymore on how good this fork is or will become in the future.....


This Product those not have any Weaknesses. No leaks at all. But keep in mind when buying this fork, its made for Downhill only, its heavy, i recommend it only for Downhill use.

Well, what can i say i use a Stratos Front Fork and a Stratos Rear Shock, thats always been my way of going on the track. Why ? Simple because the front works as great as the rear, its all just bomb prove, you just cant botom anything out of the two. In my Front Fork i use The Race Compression Cartridge + The Patented Stratos ID Cartridge with Inertial Valve you can read every thing about on and click on About us.
I am not saying that everyone that reads this topic has to buy Stratos, consider this next time, when you go pruchase a product, read about the company and what they have dune so far to make or out better there already invented products. No need to invent something when it alreay is invented but improve it to be better and better till it gets perfect.
Stratos works fine for Suspension as for Service for me. As from what i have seen around its one, if not, its the best there is. You will only know this when you pruchase a S8 Ultra Fork and get it at home and make the BOX open, then you WILL KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT. Feel free to ask anything you want about the sport, just use my email adress. See you all around.

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I really dont want to even mention what products i have used and owned, just to many to name up. But i only want to say this once and this product CANNOT be compared to other Products because those Products dont even come close to this one. You will know this when you get yourself one.

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