POC Sports Index DH Gloves

Index DH

Downhill mountain bike gloves don't have to be recycled motocross gloves. After all, cycling gloves need to be light and breathable as well as strong and protective. You can be glad that the POC Index DH Gloves are treated as cycling gloves. This way, you'll know that even though they offer all the safety you need, you'll still have a sensitive grip on the bars and a light trigger thumb for accurate shifts when it counts.The back of the hand is made of supple Pittards goat skin leather combined with a nylon mesh that extends over the first two fingers. The real story of the Index DH Gloves is about the knuckle guards. All of your major and second knuckles and the third knuckles on the two outside fingers have plastic guards made from a hard shell polymer with memory foam inside. This will keep things smooth on the outside, while creating custom divots for your knuckles on the inside. And if you like to "gleam the cube" you'll know that sometimes an inside corner gets cut a little close, and Bam! Your last digit takes the hit. The Index DH knuckle guards will keep you from injury and from offending any spectators lining the DH course. The palm has "digital leather," goat skin with a special cut structure and a patterned texture for better gription. The last piece in the protection puzzle is a plastic shield at the outside base of the palm. It's there for impact protection for those times when you stuff your front tire into a boulder and leave the bike in search of a proper landing spot. POC uses Airprene for the cuff because it offers good stretching and flexing around the wrist. And when you have it pulled right into place, a velcro tab will cinch it perfectly snug. The POC Index DH Gloves are available in Orange w/white and White w/black and come in Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large sizes.




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