Demon Dirt Hyper Vest D30 - Men's Armor and Pads

Hyper Vest D30 - Men's

Your upper body can crumble like a beer can if you fall off a spine while riding downhill in Moab, so be prepared for the worst with the padded and breathable Demon Dirt Hyper Vest D30. The shoulders are covered with D30 pads, which are made from a cushy compound that stretches and flexes until impacted. Then it becomes rigid and absorbs some of the worst impacts as you ragdoll down a scree slope.

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VegasWind   [Sep 15, 2012]

Light, flexible


Soft, material may tear on a fall

Been looking for awhile for some armor and couldn't find a review anywhere on this stuff. Hopefully this helps someone. I didn't like how the hard plastic armor felt especially without cushion. I have taken a few bad falls without armor and everytime its more the impact, not the object I am landing on. I can take a scrap and a little blood, but the force when you ram the tree, rock and ground has been my issue. So after much research, I went with this softer body armor with the D30 shoulder pads.

First, sizing. I am about 5'10, 200lbs, my chest measurement 42-44 following the manufacturers instructions, with fairly broad shoulders so I went with an XL. I am in decent shape, not a fat as* but could lose a few pounds. Not that any of you care about my dimensions but sizing is always tough when ordering something from online. The vest seems to fit well, with a little room to cinch or left out on the side straps. The arms feel pretty snug but have some velcro so can be adjusted.

Wearing it almost feels like a wetsuit, very light, flexible, better than hard armor I have worn. My biggest concern was if I took a spill how will the material(fabric) hold up to some abrasions.... haven't fell yet so can't tell you that, but emailed the website and they told me that if I wear a jersey over the vest, there should be no major damage to the vest. If I take a hard enough fall, and I do happen to tear it through the jersey, then I guess the vest did its job. Eitherway the company said, if I really jack it up, send them a picture and they would either replace it or heavily discount a new. This seems fair, you can't expect a company that creates MTB armor to replace the item everytime you fall, because well that's what the product is for.

One of the major selling features is the D30 shoulder pads. For those of you that do not know what this stuff is, look it up. Essentially it is soft protection that hardens on impact. But again I haven't wrecked so can't testify on it. On my worse falls I have crushed my shoulders on the ground and as explained it wasn't the ground or object that caused the injury but the impact and trauma. In my opinion hard armor wouldn't have lessened this, because there was no cushion, it would have just been my same body and force slamming into the plastic armor instead of the ground/rock.

So after hours of googling landed on the Hyper Vest. I'll post an update when I take a spill and let you know how it works. Feels good so far, hot, but then again all if them are hot.

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