Wellgo WAM-717 Pedal

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A new revolutionary open cage design helps shed mud and allows an easy entry and release. Smooth sealed cartridge bearings will keep you spinning. A tough silver enamel finish ensures good looks. 340g

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Richard   [Sep 19, 2012]

look great easy to adjust cleat tension . They actually look like a well made pedal.


Bearings noisy after 3 rides . I wrote the company and they told me they are basicallly toast because you cannot adjust the sealed bearings.

Sad Sad Sad, Buy the Shimano 520,s instead they will last 1 full season minimum even better with the M540,s . I think these pedals are a downright embarasment to Wellgo.

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pjm   [Mar 23, 2005]

With a high end shimano pedal costing over $100, a part you hit on rocks yr after yr, I wonder why people buy shimano over wellgo. Wellgo makes alot of the aftermarket pedals, and they are of pretty high quality. I am 200+
lbs, and have never busted a stainless spindle on a wellgo. Others I have. This newly designed stainless-body
pedal is pretty light (325grams?), looks great, and has
a stainless body which resists rocks most excellently.
I have run the standard wellgo 800 pedal for 5 yrs, and even though the pedals' cleat "wings" have busted off a number of times on knarly rocks, you could replace the whole set for under $30 at most online dealers, and have a spare parts pedal in your parts box, and you still saved $30 over shimano's. cost.
This pedal is the stainless body shimano 949 clone.
It has a different cleat than the 800's, different
pedal retention system, but is minimalist design, and is
light and cheap. Stiffer retention than the 800 style
wellgos if you like that. The pedals retention system
is alot stronger than the old 800's where the rear wings
bust off on rocks. Haven't busted it, and have smashed
alot of rocks.


Wellgo made an alloy body design of this stainless body
pedal, and I broke the spring stops completely off the body in a month, rendering the pedal useless. The stainless body pedal eliminated this problem.
Only weakeness I have found is the pedal engagement and
release is not quite as smooth as the 800's, but with
time and practice, it becomes smoother. They seem to
not want to release from the front of the cleat as well
as 800s, but it is tolerable. Could be the shoe tread
clearances, but it seems stickier. Ok if good w/clipless.

A sweet, tough, light stainless body design. Totally
diff. cleat design and retention system than the tried
and true 800's, but really minimalist and tough.
Will not accept an old 800 cleat. You can die if
you try. But, for around $40, you have a really
tough pedal that is pretty light.
Go to cbo to find em.
I really recommend these pedals.

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