FSA Mega Exo Ceramic ATB Bottom Bracket

Mega Exo Ceramic ATB

Ceramic bearings weren't new when FSA started putting them in bottom brackets. But they did, probably spurred on by their sponsorship of the CSC cycling team. And the bottom brackets were a hit. So much so, people were ordering FSA ceramic bottom brackets to run in conjunction with their Shimano cranksets. This, as you probably surmised, is not a good idea.It's for this reason, we were surprised that FSA isn't offering a ceramic bb for mountain bikes. People love, love, love this upgrade. So we decided to build a FSA Mega Exo Ceramic ATB Bottom Bracket. As with the Shimano and Truvativ ceramic bottom brackets, we're offering, we're making them here at the shop. We're starting with the standard FSA Mega Exo ATB bottom bracket, pulling off the dust caps, popping the standard 25x37x7mm bearings out of the external races, and pressing in Enduro ceramic balls running on steel races, packing the whole thing with Rock and Roll Lube's Super-Web Grease, pushing on our aftermarket orange-colored 70-durometer silicone dust covers, and voila! A new bottom bracket that will outperform the old. For those who want to read all the nitty-gritty details, we packed them into the description of our Shimano XTR BB upgrade. Purchasing this should buy you some speed. It's not free speed, but if you ride lots, it could be close. Our retro-fitted FSA Mega Exo Ceramic ATB Bottom Bracket will rob you of less friction than your standard steel ball bearing bottom bracket. And the lack of friction loss will be translated into more speed. The ceramic bearings not only lighter, which certainly makes with all movement easier, but are also lower friction. The reduction happens because the balls are larger and harder and rounder and are encased in better grease. And another improvement is allowing fewer outside particles in, another way to reduce friction. Less friction means less wasted energy. Less wasted energy means more power to the pedals to drive the rear wheel to go faster. A benefit that we think is real, but is harder to detect is the larger surface area that each individual ball has. This means the contact patch on the inner and outer race is larger. The nice thing about the larger bearing is that it distributes the load over a larger surface area, in turn decreasing wear -- like the load generated by landing after a big hit, or standing on the pedals and generating massive torque in the granniest of granny gears.Included with the FSA Mega Exo Ceramic ATB Bottom Bracket are the original bearings and seals we pulled out. Maintenance should be the same as with steel ball bearings. However frequently you were pulling and cleaning your old bottom bracket is the same for the new. 134g.




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